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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

fitness update

Well, I'm back to my exercise routine and marathon training. And I'm feeling really good. Problem is - I've hit that discouraging plateau. I've not lost weight for several weeks. I was talking with my daughter about it and she recommended a 3-day metabolism kick-start diet that she had used a while ago. Some of the foods in this diet go against everything I hold holy (I mean, really! HOT DOGS?!) but I figure - 3 days? I can do anything for 3 days. And guess what?! Yup - I lost weight. Not a lot - almost 1 pound. But I'm hoping it's the start to regular weight loss again. I'm going to weigh myself again on Saturday and see if it keeps coming off - I'll let you know.

I feel thinner, and think I actually lost a little belly fat as well. And I not only survived eating hot dogs, but (ok, this is hard for me to admit) ... I liked them. Now, back to my normal eating routine - my comfort place: lots of greens, smoothies, fresh juice, whole grains, and no more meat (except my beloved salmon, of course!). The diet I did is known as the Military Diet and boasts raving reviews. Google it and see if it works for you. Oh! PS: I stuck religiously to it MINUS the tea and coffee. I had water instead. Let me know if you try it - I'd love to hear your results! And let me know if you have a favorite way to kick-start your metabolism. After eating hot dogs, I'll be willing to try just about anything :)

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

no fitness update this week

Here's why:

Remarkably and miraculously, I'm just beat up with bruises and burns from the airbags and seat belt along with a bit of a broken nose. My back and chest muscles are pretty much killing me BUT: no blood, no stitches, no head injury, no breaks. Counting my blessings!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fitness Challenge Update

In my continued preparation for the April Marathon I must tell you that I've been DILIGENTLY running, CAREFULLY eating and getting proper amounts of sleep. YAY for me! However .... the weight is not dropping very quickly.

Since last picture I lost 2.3 pounds.

Today (a week later) I gained one of those pounds back. UGH. I am NOT demotivated though. ONWARD!
Here's to a week of losing weight (*cross* your fingers for me)

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

good read

Hey friends! I'll be posting my updated weight picture tomorrow, but wanted to tell you about a great kindle book I just read. It's called 10 MILES TO RUIN

and is a great little novel that, for me, was a real page turner. Easy to read and follow - it is also a book appropriate for kids. No foul language, no horrid sex scenes, and the violence is at the "acceptable" level on my scale. I prefer to hold books in my hand and physically turn pages as I read, but for now this book is available only electronically. That being said, it's DEFINITELY worth the $5 for the few hours of entertainment it brings. Pick it up at and then write back and tell me what you think. I'd also be interested to hear about your recommendations ... my daughter's New Year's goal of reading 100 books in 2013 sounded almost do-able, so it's my goal too. I'm only on book 6 and could use some good recommendations!

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