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Thursday, November 15, 2012

sweet deals ... sweet dreams

Our entire 30+ years of marriage our bed has never been comfortable for Brad. Well, he likes a bed for a few weeks when we first get a new one - but then it becomes too-something. We started our marriage with a mattress from a camper. Eventually we moved up to a waterbed (it was the 80s). All in all, I think we've owned 3 water beds. But between waterbeds we've had all kinds of things. The last bed we owned was one of those expensive Select Comfort mattress beds. We got a great deal on it - buying it barely used from someone who was moving. I thought we'd use that bed forever because I could have the soft-mama-bear side while Brad sleeps on the rock-hard-papa-bear side. But something went wrong. Brad got to where he just couldn't sleep on it anymore. I was worried that we were doomed to be like his grandparents and like Lucy & Ricky Ricardo ... twin beds. Until I found an AMAZING deal online. (PS - no one is paying me to write this!) LivingSocial is amazing. We got a king-size memory foam mattress from Zen Bedrooms ($1700 value) for $399. Including shipping. It's true. It arrived today and so at 4pm I donned my PJs and climbed into bed. Azure told me I looked like an advertisement, so she snapped a few photos. (I bet Zen Bedrooms' models would wear silk instead of flannel - but, whatever)

So I got to thinking: what other great deals are out there? I'm not a coupon gal (they end up COSTING me money instead of saving me money - by causing me to buy stuff I don't want or need) and so I'm naturally hesitant about searching for good deals (want to avoid buying things I don't really need). But when I found you can get a $10 gift card to IHOP for $4 ... WOW. If I were really rolling in the bucks I'd snatch up the $4000 lazer eye surgery for $1300. And I'd seriously consider the mink eyelash extensions for $79. And the list goes on. Anyhoo ... that's my happy news for today. I'm going to sleep like a princess tonight!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ok, ok ... I'll share

I showed my dream board to you several months ago ... but didn't talk about the details. There are a couple of things on there I was going to keep pretty quiet about (fear of failure???) but not anymore! At the upper left of my board it says over and over again: "size 10". I'm not embarrassed to say that I feel pretty good at a size 12 (plus-size, if you watch America's Next Top Model) and only slightly uncomfortable at a 14. But a 10 .... ahhhh - to be a size 10! So, yesterday my dear friend dropped of a HUGE bag of clothes she was ready to part with (thanks Erika!). I glanced at the size 10 jeans (brand-spankin'-new, btw) and put them at the bottom of the pile. The best fitting room ever is in my own house, away from those awful lights in stores (why, oh why do they put such horrid lights and unflattering mirrors in a place where they are hoping to sell things?). Back to size 10: When I finally braved the thought of cramming myself into jeans and then peeling them off when I can't do them up ... HOLY SCHMOLY! They fit! And it wasn't a lucky mis-size ... they BOTH fit!

How did I do it? Well, in the bottom right corner of my dreamboard is a map of the Salt Lake City Marathon in April. And just above that, the quote "She believed she could, so she did". I've been training for a marathon (call me crazy, it's ok) for 11 1/2 weeks now. Strictly following the beginner program in the book, "Marathon: You Can Do It". My goal: To finish before they open the roads up to traffic.

So now I've shared some of my dreams that were actually a little scary to write down - much less publish on my blog. Want to share some of yours?

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