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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

fitness update

Well, I'm back to my exercise routine and marathon training. And I'm feeling really good. Problem is - I've hit that discouraging plateau. I've not lost weight for several weeks. I was talking with my daughter about it and she recommended a 3-day metabolism kick-start diet that she had used a while ago. Some of the foods in this diet go against everything I hold holy (I mean, really! HOT DOGS?!) but I figure - 3 days? I can do anything for 3 days. And guess what?! Yup - I lost weight. Not a lot - almost 1 pound. But I'm hoping it's the start to regular weight loss again. I'm going to weigh myself again on Saturday and see if it keeps coming off - I'll let you know.

I feel thinner, and think I actually lost a little belly fat as well. And I not only survived eating hot dogs, but (ok, this is hard for me to admit) ... I liked them. Now, back to my normal eating routine - my comfort place: lots of greens, smoothies, fresh juice, whole grains, and no more meat (except my beloved salmon, of course!). The diet I did is known as the Military Diet and boasts raving reviews. Google it and see if it works for you. Oh! PS: I stuck religiously to it MINUS the tea and coffee. I had water instead. Let me know if you try it - I'd love to hear your results! And let me know if you have a favorite way to kick-start your metabolism. After eating hot dogs, I'll be willing to try just about anything :)

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  1. Well done on feeling thinner. Glad you are back to your normal eating routine, too;)

  2. you are funny to admit you liked the hotdogs.
    i don't eat pork, because i don't like the idea
    of eating an animal who will eat anything . . .
    but sometimes i crave bacon like an addict
    and give into it.

    i've heard of the military diet and may give it
    a try.

    1. No worries, I'm pretty sure that Bacon is so over processed, it doesn't really count as meat anyway. :)

  3. You look awesome!! I think another thing about this diet is that with all the water I drank when I did it, it really flushed me out if you know what I mean, and made me feel a lot more cleansed. I hope you notice some good results over the next few days and weeks!