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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Perfect PICK-ME-UP

I love juicing. One of my friends got me started a couple of years ago, then I heard from another friend Stephanie about her losing a crazy 70+ pounds because of juicing! Anyway, I do it for my health, and also because juice is SO yummy. Another friend, Loa, played host to me and my daughter during spring break in California. One morning she handed us each a frosted martini glass with apple, lemon, ginger juice. It was so good that this morning I tried this:

It's the juice of a fuji apple, a bosch pear, a piece of ginger and 1/3 of a lemon. OH MAN!!!! BEST stuff ever!

So, I'd love to hear from you juicers out there: what do you juice?

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  1. Mom, I am CRAVING that! Will you bring your juicer up when you come? I have some ginger root here (I bought it like a month ago, does ginger go bad quickly?) That looks so refreshing and delicious.

    1. I'll bring the juicer Brookie! And if you keep your ginger root refrigerated it will last for a good couple or 3 weeks. I'll also stop in at Cuevas before coming :)

    2. ginger lasts quite a long time in the fridge but I learned from my wellness campers (since we juice so much ginger in camp) that it freezes beautifully. Nice to have a little baggie of it in the freezer, always on hand--

    3. wow, yum, that sounds sooooo good Denalee, I'll be trying that soon!

  2. I love fresh juice! I could easily live on it (probably not but still).

  3. We have a battle of the juices/juicers going on in our home.
    Captain V does blended juices of mixed fruit and lots of ice...the pulp stays in the mix and they're no doubt very good for you.

    Me? I'm into pulverising my mixes [fruit and veg and LOADS] in a big juicer. The pulp exits stage left so that you're left with a pure juice.
    My favourite: beets, pear, apple, kale, GINGER, oranges - zingazingzing!

    Happy day!