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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ok, I admit it ... part of the reason I married Brad was because of his gloriously LONG eyelashes. And when our first child, a boy, was born already boasting long eyelashes I feared for my future daughters. But as you can see from this picture ... there was no need to worry. I guess long eyelashes are dominant because all our kids got them. Even though she's 14, I still love to watch her when she's sleeping :)

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  1. I obviously haven't met your other kids but I know Brooke's lashes are magnificent, so I can imagine the others are too. Such beauty!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted long lashes !!! All my kids got them, from their dad.
    I think long lashes are just so beautiful how they frame your eyes.

  3. Look at those lovely lashes. I married my hubby for much the same reason! He has gorgeous eyes and lashes and I am thrilled our little ladies inherited them. xx

  4. I bet you get lots of lovely butterfly kisses.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. I have very straight hair. When I met my husband he had the most wonderful hair, curly, or long and wavy if he grew it.
    When our daughter was born her hair was straight and as the months progressed I'd laugh as people would say "isn't it a shame she has your hair".
    You are all blessed with beautiful long lashes!!

  6. Yes I hear you! Those stolen moments watching our precious one's sleep. I think we all relish in it. So lovely to catch up with you here at your special place. I don't visit often enough. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo