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Monday, February 6, 2012

why I shouldn't multi-task so much

Two words:
Baking; Games
It took me a couple of hours after the mint brownies flopped to realize that I forgot to put the flour in. Ugh. In my defense, the kids and I were playing a rousing game of 5 Crowns. (I lost) So anyway, these brownies can only be eaten with a fork. I've had them sitting outside on the grill trying to get them cold enough to cut into squares so I can freeze them. If that works, the kids will eat them like candy. If not, I'll trash them. I hate to though because the brownies have a pound and a half of butter in them and the mint frosting has half a pound. (did I say YUM yet?)
A few years ago I made a bunch of pumpkin pies. It wasn't until we had company come over to serve the pies and one of my kids bit into a piece that we realized I forgot to put the sugar in. I had to figure something out fast, so we retrieved the pieces we'd handed out and I sprinkled (or rather, dumped) sugar on top of the pie. None of the company said anything about it - I have to wonder if it was to they all gagged it down and decided they'd only visit again if it was a potluck and they could bring the dessert :)

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  1. I have had something similar happen to me once when I was preparing a rather large dinner for guests. It was only after I had sat down to eat (a little frazzeled at that point!) that I realized I hadn't put any salt in my pasta sauce. Too late for me to take the plates away but I was lucky enough that the big bunch were all very close friends, so a quick explanation that I had momentarily lost my head sufficed and then we passed the salt shakers around! Too much on the plate is never good for the cook!

  2. Haha! Oh boy, I have done similar things. I left eggs out of brownies just a month ago, but they weren't salvageable. I hope your brownie candy idea worked!

  3. Eating this with a fork doesn't sound like such a bad idea! As for the pumpkin pies - nice save!
    Happy day lovely - thanks for the giggle,

  4. I probably would have eaten the brownie candy anyway :)
    I think we've all done these things :)

  5. Ha ha! It's happened to all of us at some point, and I'm sure I would have gladly eaten the brownies with a fork anyway. :)

  6. aww its ok I botched a caramel apple pie a few weeks ago

  7. i've never done it, but one time my husband and his ex-wife used baking soda in a recipe instead of baking powder. needless to say, they did trash that outcome.

    i've done things with salt before. yuk...

  8. It is a pain when I do this to recipes! At least it tastes good. I forgot the eggs in pumpkin pie once and of course it was all runny. :)

  9. I had a friend who once made cookies for a Bible Study. As everyone began to eat their first cookie, she realized that she forgot to put shortening in them. No one said anything, but you could tell that everyone was trying to politely finish the one they started. She was embarrassed. After a break, I kindly reached for a second one. She stopped me half-crying and half-laughing. "Oh, thank you." Then she told us all what happened.

  10. that is so funny. I can't multi task when I cook that's for sure.
    I once made a tuna fish caserole..but forgot to put in the tuna fish.