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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" - Churchill

A huge DARN MY HIDE after my attitude yesterday. I should spend the day in time-out.

Yes, my iPad crashed. Yes, all my work everything is on it. Yes, I thought it was backed up to iCloud and it wasn't. Yes, yes, yes ...

I am SO glad yesterday is behind me. And I am so disappointed in myself! I'm the first to proclaim "come what may and love it" and "it doesn't matter what's going on around you, you can still have peace in your heart" and all that wisdom. I didn't practice ANY of it yesterday and feel horrible about it today.

No, I didn't egg the neighbor's house, I didn't spit on anyone, I didn't yell and scream. But I carried a heavy dark cloud and didn't care who was near, I willed my cloud to rain on them too. Mostly it was my family at home who was affected - the people I love the most (of course). How do I undo that? I can't - I've lost that day - it's behind me and I can never reclaim it. I have limited time with my family - we all do. How could I have not just wasted an entire day, but colored it black so that everyone wants to pretend it didn't exist?

I have already prayed for forgiveness, and now I will feast on humble pie for breakfast and beg forgiveness from everyone I came in contact with yesterday ... especially Brad and the kids. I know they will all immediately forgive. I hope I can forgive myself.

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  1. and.... today is ANOTHER DAY! (another day to get it right) I'm sure you are not black but a bright shade of pink today!!! thanks for letting us know you are human! and frankly a little black helps us appreciate the other colors! I got an ipad for Christmas and don't really know what all it can do... any hints? and anywhere to search for ideas?

  2. STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! I was cracking up while I read this, because I have days like this at least once a month and I'm sure this is AT MOST the second time in your whole life that you've let a bad day affect your mood! Love you, mom!!!

  3. Denalee, some days are like that and try as we must; they just have to pass. It is only human, especially when things just pile on!

    I hope you will join my Valentine's Giveaway!
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  4. awww.... i'm so sorry that your ipad crashed. that is a terrible thing to happen. i understand how you feel about letting it cloud your day yesterday. i've often been guilty of that but you just can't let it continue to claim your joy. some days those things just happen.


  5. Dang...I hate it when I have days like that. I too KNOW all the "to do's" and "happy quotes etc"
    but there are some days I just turn a deaf ear to them
    and then Like you, I feel really rotten as I lie in my bed, saying my prayers and thinking, "wow, I really blew this day"
    We are just human, we'll still struggle with those kind of days I guess, but Recognizing that we are mucking it up ourselves is a start to improvement I guess
    I have to start with the little things.

  6. Oh I so do not want to hear this. Seems my Ipad has also crashed (only got it for Christmas) and when I went to my Itunes nothing, not a single song video contact or picture. I am hoping please let it be hidden somewhere. PLEASE! Hmmmm a worrysome night ahead now wondering what tomorrow will bring. Hope your day is a great one! Cheers SpecialK XoXo