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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We attended Stake Conference last weekend and were so spiritually fed that I am still digesting the information. I have often wondered about the part of the Atonement and the point on the Cross when Jesus is left alone - completely forsaken.
Why did He have to be left alone? I know it was prophesied that He would (see Isaiah 63:3) but, along with many other parts of the Atonement, I've never really understood this. Last weekend I felt enlightened as I learned that because the Atonement included Him feeling all that we feel; and because when we sin the Spirit withdraws from us; He had to experience that same withdrawal. And with Him taking upon Himself ALL of our sins, it was so much that the Spirit had to leave Him completely - He had to know what it is like not only to sin, but to be left alone.

I came to understand my own desire to not be forsaken - and that it's up to ME to have the Spirit with me ... only my rebellion and sinning will cause me to be left to my own strength. As long as I'm repentant and improving, I will not be forsaken. I will have the spiritual help I need to continue to grow. And I will never, ever be alone.

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  1. I suppose this is why, though I spend so much of my time alone, I am never lonely.

  2. I also thought about that, Denalee, during and after Conference. You expressed yourself so eloquently on this matter and I appreciate you putting into words what has been floating around my head. "I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me"...

  3. I cannot imagine what Jesus must have felt during this time. Thank you for sharing what you learned.

  4. Denalee, this is a great point about the human experience of Jesus. I especially like how you connect it to your own redemptive experience of being in the Spirit of Christ.

    Henri Nouwen makes a distinction between loneliness (spiritually alone) vs aloneness (physically alone yet spiritually connected). Jesus here is certainly feeling the former as just the precursor to the painful separation he will experience on the cross.

  5. Thanks for sharing this very special post, to help us understand. I am finding jeanette's comment also very interesting. I am wondering if you would one day perhaps share the reasons behind Easter being a different time each year. I have always wondered about this. Always love to visit you. Cheers SpecialK XoXo