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Thursday, February 9, 2012

a few things of little or no import

A couple of things I've been thinking about that I thought I'd share:
* I had some good shopping last week as I was finishing up missionary shopping with Bryan
(holy schmoly - missions are expensive! he's saved to pay for his monthly expenses, so Brad and I are buying the things he needs - you know, suit, shoes, etc ... CRAZY!)
Anyway, the top left corner shows some mens shirts I picked up at Target for the 3 guys in our family who are not going on missions: $1.48 each! AM I A GREAT SHOPPER OR WHAT?!
* I opened the top drawer next to my bed (upper left picture) and realized that I'm in the midst of reading about a dozen books. Everything ranging from being a better wife to historical fiction ... I need some down time to catch up! (the animal print you see there is an eye mask that was in my Christmas stocking ... it's filled with lavender and I LOVE it!)
* While said shopping was going on I happened across a GREAT deal on some women's boots. Yes. I bought them for myself. But DISCLAIMER: all the girls our home wear the same size shoe, so it's really cheap per person who will wear them :)
* When we were preparing for Bryan's mission farewell address at church and I knew family would be visiting, I really wanted to re-do our family picture wall. We had such an eclectic selection of frames, old and new, housing those pictures and I wanted to make it more uniform with either all black or all white frames. WAY too expensive to replace all the frames, so I spray painted them all black. I'm happy with the result!
* Hope. My favorite word.
* Bryan created this amazing floating bookshelf for our living room. Cool, isn't it!

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  1. I loved every observation you made; but it seems that most are of great import -- good deals, good reading, family picture wall (to remind us of what's important)!
    It certainly makes me happy to find great deals; when I am complemented on something I am wearing I can't keep my mouth from blurting out what a good deal I got!
    I have a like 'hope' on my kitchen wall above the sink; my eyes are naturally drawn upwards to view it, and that reminds me that all good things come from Heavenly Father - above.
    Thanks for all your wisdom and fun


  2. loved the look into you world! all the girls wearing the same size is great! amy and i wore the same size for a while and then her feet kept growing. now, they're bigger than mine. too bad for me 'cause she always bought great shoes!

  3. That's a good group of THINGS.
    Great idea to spray paint the frames. I want to do a picture grouping going up my stairs to the loft. But I have such a vision of how I want it to be, I can't seem to get started.
    books,books, books....I have many many in boxes to read too.
    Good luck with the continued missionary shopping.