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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dream Big!

In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality.
~Kristian Kan
Ok blogger friends ... I really want to know!:
What dreams do you have? What's on your bucket list? What have you always wanted to do, but just haven't made the time for? Tell me one or tell me 10 ... I'd love to hear!


  1. Oh my giddy aunt Denalee!
    Is that you?
    What a fantastic thing to do.
    This was on my bucket list a long time ago but somehow it slipped off.
    I'm popping it back on again, but I must admit my preferred 'drop zone' will be at a nearby beach during whale season.

  2. what a great picture of you! i'm a pansy when it comes to stuff like that. i don't even tolerate the ferris wheel at carnivals or ski lifts. no way i could do a sky dive. nope... never gonna happen.

    i have so many dreams... i'm not sure if i have a true bucket list though. i don't want to be all "woe is me" but first and foremost i think i dream of days without medical problems, days where i don't worry if ron will be OK, days where i feel like i can get everything taken care of without sacrificing something else (i think that's a normal "thing" for moms everywhere).

    i dream of living somewhere that is truly wheelchair accessible with a bathroom that's not dangerous. i don't dream of home ownership as i'm just not up to the demands of that; i'd rather have someone else have to do the maintenance things. been there; done that and it's too much with everything else.

    i dream of being able to go to WA to see my grandkids. i've got one i've never seen, one i've seen one time, and one that i've only see five times. there's another one on the way (due in april).

    i dream of having someone come in sometimes and just saying "let me do that for you." i dream of too many things that are out of my reach, but that doesn't mean i quit reaching. i often adjust my life to the "new normal" and plan on how i can maintain or improve that level. when it changes again, i re-adjust.

    my glass is always at least half-full and i dream of that being filled to the brim.

    i love to read your blog. you are such an inspiration and help me to keep things in perspective. no matter how much is going on in my life, i know that i can get a lift when i come here.

  3. Awesome picture! I have a ton of dreams, but one big goal is to write a novel.

  4. I totally love that picture and I do love your questions. I wish I had some snappy answer to your questions.
    In the last 10 years I have watched the majority of my extended family die. So many are gone now that I have lost my ability to dream like I once did. Now I just pray to live each day one at a time.
    I find my dreams now are for my children and my grand children and giving to them all that I am so that in the day it is time for me to change my residence and put on incorruptible, they will know that they were loved.

    Odd isn't it, but I guess that is my dream.
    I like questions like you asked today. They make
    me think.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Pastor-wife-ing again in the States, this time Arizona
    Writing that book
    Making another CD
    Hiring a pro to glam up my blog
    Buying/Dwelling in our own condo in Arizona
    Meeting my single daughter's fiancé . . . that she doesn't have yet

    Love that pic-- but you can keep it. Not on my list, thanks! Adorable of you, though.

  6. My big one is to get a guided tour in the Alaskan wilderness (in the summer of course) by a friend who is Eskimo.

  7. Love the photo! My dream is to travel to all the United States and all the Provinces of Canada. This is my husband's and my plan for retirement.

  8. Oh my gosh!!! You're soooo brave! I'm too chicken to try this. It's an awesome picture!

  9. Every time I visit you, you inspire me and make me smile, now look at you what a great photo of you enjoying one of your bucket lists you are amazing. I only have one my all time dream.....goals.....bucket list..... is the same as it was when I was 8 years old and saw a photo of the Eiffel Tower......I want to go there!!!! Paris and enjoy all the love she has to offer me!! Great post thanks for sharing one that you have achieved. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend come and visit me again soon would love to have you follow me.

    Always Wendy

  10. I have a very 'tranquil' dream for my bucket list. I want to have a balloon ride! Simple, not exciting, but it would be wonderful to peacefully view this beautiful earth.

  11. Wow..if that is you in the image I am sooooo impressed! Skydiving is not on my list...but swimming with the dolphins is!
    Happy new week to adventuresome friend. xo

  12. Holy crap! That's incredible. You are one daring lady!

    As for my bucket list? I'm still deciding, but I know I really want to visit Hong Kong with my husband. He lived there for awhile, and I love hearing him talk of the beautiful culture!

  13. Well, I DON'T want to go sky-diving. I'd like to have a book published. And not one that I have to pay that somebody actually wants to buy!

  14. Hmmm... mine includes a foodie world vacation. I've traveled a lot, but now I want to go to specific destinations for the food. India, Thailand, Italy, France and South Korea - all for the food! And in one long trip, not separately.