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Monday, October 24, 2011


My husband loves the line in the movie, "Beethoven" where the dad is arguing with the entire family about keeping the puppy who wandered into their home. He says something like, "We're a goldfish family, a turtle family, maybe even an ant farm family ... we're not a dog family." And so it's been in our home for years and years. We actually did own a dog for about a year in Alaska, but she turned out to be a holy terror. Then one day last year, Azure prepared a presentation for her dad. At the end of the presentation he said she could get a dog. We don't know what got into him! Our grandkids totally love "Buddy". And I love this quote: "No symphony orchestra ever played music like a 2-year-old playing with his puppy."


  1. They are the very best of companions and I love your quote at the end.

    Happy day Lovely, give your furry friend a big hug from me.

  2. Little man asks for a dog anytime he sees one. And he doesn't like little dogs. The bigger and hairy-er the better. And he doesnt like calm dogs. The more hyped up and jumpy the better. Unfortunately my husband Is the same way. However I believe I should get the final say because Im the one who will be taking care of it. But we will be getting one for sure!

  3. So sweet !!! from

  4. What a gorgeous dog Buddy is. We have 2 dogs and our kids just adore them xx

  5. That is such a sweet photo and I love dogs. Your quote is amazing as well, my dear. Have a great Tuesday.

  6. cute picture! i am not a dog person either (prefer cats) but our dog thinks i am her human. {sigh} my family is allergic to cats so a dog it is.

  7. Oh, I haven't seen that film in YEARS! Decades, maybe. Lol.

    Bucky looks like a sweet dog. I've always wanted a dog, but I'm allergic to most breeds.

    I think they make perfect companions!

  8. Haha, I meant "Buddy" looks like a sweet dog. I wish I had an explanation for why I wrote "Bucky" but I don't. Which is really strange!

  9. I love it!

    We have a cat. Because I have said no to a dog so many times I think it's burned into the air.

    And now they want fish.


  10. So, so very precious!

    Your Mother