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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pajama day

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Nope, this isn't me ... but it could be!
(let's don't get nit-picky about it ... It COULD be me if I were 20 years younger. Oh - and 20 lbs lighter. and. and. and)
today is pajama day
I wish I could declare it a national PJ day for all women.
As a rule, we don't stop going when we've reached our limit. Men do.
So years ago (someday I'll tell you why) I adopted Thursdays as my PJ day.
For about 4 years I stuck to it religiously.
Here are the rules:
1- turn off the phones
2- turn on the TV (or whatever other mindless thing helps you to relax)
3- stay in your PJs
4- no leaving the house for appointments or anything else no matter how important (unless it's important enough for you to go in your PJs)
5- no making meals, cleaning up, driving carpool, etc.
6- sleep in as late as you like
Most Important:
7- this is YOUR day. Everyone else can either fend for themselves or find another mother/wife/friend to handle things.
(this actually is me)
I've found that it's best to have your weekly PJ day on a day when everyone else is generally busy. ie: kids at school, husband at work. Almost without fail, everyone I suggest a weekly PJ day to tells me how impossible it would be. Every excuse in the book. But I'm telling you: work, family, PTA, the parole officer ... EVERYONE ... really can do without you for 1 day a week. They really can. You just have to decide you're worth it. And you know what? Everyone will like you better if you do this because you'll be a whole lot nicer. Now, if I haven't convinced you, then will you at least try to have 1/2 PJ day weekly?
This is your mission, if you choose to take it.
(said in my most husky man voice)
Try it, then report back.


  1. I nearly had a "bed day" today, which I think loosely translates as the same thing. A wonderful decadent day of bed and nothing much else. Unforunately work called...

  2. This sounds like a wonderful idea! I have had pajama days with my 2 year old in the winter when it's just too nasty to go out. Sometimes you just need to have a cozy, lazy day!

  3. I wish TODAY was PJ day for me, though I think the people in my office might be weirded out a bit, lol :)
    I sorta kinda had a PJ day yesterday, I took a mid-week vacation day from work, it was SO nice!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day & week Denalee ♥♥♥

  4. Great idea! I am having a very lazy pajama morning. How about if I get half a credit for a pajama day? I will work up to a whole day.
    Enjoy Your Pajama Day!!!

  5. gotta love a day spent in pjs :) sounds lovely!

  6. My pj day is Saturday!!! What an awesome idea Denalee. You of all people deserve this kind of weekly break!

    Love You


  7. I don't think I can do every week. How about once a month?

  8. Darn it all - already dressed and cooked breakfast today.

    When my daughter was young and still living at home, I did declare Wednesdays as "fend for yourself" day. I didn't cook anything all day. It was a nice break as I usually cook both breakfast and dinner.
    Perhaps I won't answer my phone today.

  9. Oh, everyone deserves to indulge themselves sometimes! (And if there weren't already a National PJ Day there ought to be :)

  10. Sounds like a great idea but I think I would need to wait until the monkeys got older!

  11. What a wonderful suggestion!!! I will definitely be trying it ... now I just need to figure out the day I will set aside for it.

    I agree with my friend... everyone says they are so busy to take time for themselves ...hmm...

    XO , HHL

  12. Ok all of you who are telling me why you can't ... WRONG! Ren, farm the monkeys out for 2 or 3 hours on the same day every week ... Maybe make a trade with someone. Sarah, once a month would be great! good for you, Jill & Jeanette! I'm proud of you (hope your taking days off and having adults fend for themselves now too!) keep it up! And Jude, LOVE the way you think!

  13. Love those shoes!

    I am feeling like today is a pajama day with the monsoon we are having outside. Rain and PJ's just go together. I accept! (For today at least ;))

  14. love it! im having a pajama day to:)

  15. I have had these pj days...not on purpose, the day just slipped away while I was busy doing other stuff. ON those days,,,it seems like every neighbor in the world tries to pop in for a surprise visit though! Kind of embarrassing to answer the door in your pj's!! :)
    Enjoy your pj day, and if you get several knocks on your front door, just don't answer it! (I have decided... It's my front door, I don't actually have to open it, if I don't want to!) :)

  16. Oh my! I should have known this before, I love PJs day, hmmmm, maybe next time I'll join you!

  17. That is so great, Denalee! I love that you take time to slow down and have a day for yourself. I will have to try that when the twins start school.

  18. happy pj day to you! wish i could join you...hopefully soon.

  19. I am regularly a pajama day is wonderful! ............. and so relaxed feel for you this post!

    Love Ria

  20. i think its a brilliant idea!

  21. I love pajama day! This is such a wonderful idea. And I love your rules. Truly amazing!

  22. i love this whole idea...I do not have a certain day but I do have Pajama days here and there. I am a nester, so home is where I love to be. We had our regular phone turned off because I was so frustrated with the calls from no one, not even a recording sometimes. My cell phone is mostly for family and friends.
    I think it is healthy to take time just for yourself. Your rules are great! I hope you had a peaceful enjoyable day!!! Hugs, Mary