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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday pretties

We spent 12 years in Alaska where my husband guided wildlife tours. He took these photographs ... I was always too giddy watching these magnificent creatures to get a decent shot!

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
Lao Tsu

What do you think? Is life too fast paced?
Or are we sometimes like whales: who although they have a clear destination, come up for a breath every few minutes, and stop along the way to jump and play?

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  1. I want to go to Alaska so bad! What an amazing experience and unbelievable that he took those pictures! I do think life is too fast paced and we should take time to play along!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Was lucky enough to go to Alaska last year - what wonder.
    I was just thinking as I woke this morning, "where did the week go?"! I'm going to find some time to come up for a little play this weekend.
    Crane is on its way.

  3. Wow.. I would love to visit alaska!!! That is beautiufl!!
    Happy weekend to you.

  4. Alaska looks amazing. I think we all need some time for breathing ;)

  5. My mom and my sister are leaving today on a cruise for Alaska. I cannot wait to see the pictures.

    Much Love Jill

  6. Beautiful today my friend...whales do make me sooooo happy...they really are amazing. Happy weekend. oxxox

  7. Beautiful photos! How blessed you were to live in Alaska for that time. So much to see I am sure! :)
    Yes, I think life can be too face paced at times for most people.
    Right now I am happy with the pace God has my life going. The grandkids are living here, and in caring for them with our daughter, things can get hectic. But, for the most part this Summer has been very enjoyable...:)
    Have a great weekend!
    @}~`}~~~ Gloria

  8. So Pretty! We visited Alaska about 5 years ago. It is breath taking! My youngest son really wants to move there some day. So far away...
    I have fixed my Friday Pretties link if you want to add your link to my sidebar. Sorry for the trouble if you tried to link up and couldn't.
    Thanks for playing along,
    P.S. How is your mom doing?

  9. Lovely photos & such magnificent creatures - thanks for this! I whale-watched at home (Hawaii) 6 months ago, and that magic feeling *still* hasn't dissipated. :)

  10. Wowwwwww....happy friday pretties Ria......

  11. Happy Friday my dear friend... I think most of us today live too fast paced. Technology (although a great tool) has moved to quickly and we are loosing the human face-to-face connection - that we have not yet evolved to live without... Hmm... now that was a deep answer - not sure where it came from.. XO, HHL

  12. That must have been an awesome job ~ I bet he loved it! Gorgeous pics. xo

  13. wow! alaska! i would LOVE to see alaska! and such gorgeous pictures!!! life is way too fast. the last time i looked i was 33, divorced and wondering how i was going to make ends meet and raise a kid. now i'm 64, retired, a grandmother and still wondering how to make ends meet - thru no fault of my own! but i'm blessed and i'm happy.

    thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures.

    hugs :)

  14. I am a very strict follower of mental health days and time outs... part of enjoying life and being able to function at my highest capacity means there also have to be times of rest and quiet. I heard a pastor explain this human rushing around trying to be busy busy busy non stop always trying to do and accomplish things as another attempt of ours to be as big as God, just like when they built the tower of Babel.... God said we should rest because He knew we would need it, and he wanted us to do it... but sometimes I think we guilt ourselves when we take time off... thus, the mental health day... a whole day to do whatever I went periodically when I am in school typically once a quarter... no feeling guilty, no working, and no thinking of all the things I could be doing... just doing whatever simple fun thing I want...

    Thanks for the sweet email. The first week of med school has had its ups and downs but overall I'm pretty excited to be here. I'm on the verge of panic -as in can I really do this panic - but I keep praying that God will be with me, acknowledging that this as in all things I cannot do by myself, asking that he would guide me to manage my time well and be diligent with my studies and as it says in Psalm 127 that he would prosper me (or in my case make me knowledgeable) even while I sleep...

    Jealous you got to live in Alaska... How is the hair progressing? Does your mamma love the wig?

  15. Ohhhh!! Beautiful pictures!! I DO think I do an awful lot of playing, but I can get stressed and impatient because I am rushing around at times, too. Thanks for the reminder to act like whales! With what I've eaten today, I'm well on my way...

  16. Oh my dear I am so on board with this post...I have recently felt as if, I must run just catch up, to the fast paced life I have chosen...not ever feeling as if I'm winning. I really have no one to blame but myself, as it is I who take on WAY TOO MUCH said that, I am leaving for a few fun filled beach days with my family...ahhhh...thank you dear for this PERFECT quote...If you don't mind, at some point, I might borrow this for a post on "slowing down to go around the corners in life"...have a restful, relaxing weekend my Rosie

  17. Wow, Alaska is on my top ten of places I want to visit. it must have been beautiful to live there. I loooove wild nature. And I think we feel like our life is fast paced only because we don't enjoy small things and we waste time over others. To live every moment is a great way to freeze time. Just stop and breathe and look around me, that's what I do to remember i'm alive.

  18. ahhh those pictures are so awesome! i went whale watching once and it was so magical!

  19. I went on a cruise to Alaska and that trip blew me away. the beauty is astonishing. When the whales were chasing the boat I broke into tears. The majesty of whales is so incredibly powerful.

  20. Hi Denalee,
    Sometimes when it is to tough you feel that time slows down so completely that you will never get through it. Then other times it go so fast you can bearly have time to enjoy it.
    Then I look at my life over all and think how fast it has really gone!
    The time I spent living in Alaska is like a dream now. It seemed slow during the winter then sped by in the summers.
    I think it is a great thing to learn how to enjoy the moment good or bad!
    I will go and enjoy mopping the floor now!

  21. Amazing photos.

    I have always wanted to go to Alaska and see sights like that. Maybe someday.

  22. Wow, those photos are so beautiful! Alaska seems like an amazing place, I'd love to visit some summer.

    Life really does move too quickly. I think we all need to come up for air more often.

    Chic on the Cheap