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Monday, June 28, 2010

New Giveaway!

First things first:
My new friend, Kelley at Kelley's Breakroom has given me this oh-so-happy award ! Thanks Kelley! (BTW ... her blog is a great read if you need a little get-away from your life!)
and for those of you who want to participate in award receiving and passing on, I hereby bestow this happiest of awards upon:
Deb at Sparkling Scrapbooks, Sarah at Cracks in the Pavement, Meredith at Count It All Joy, Katie at Where's Katie?, and
Now, GIVEAWAY announcement time!
We surpassed 150 followers this weekend (YAY!!!!) so I'd like to direct your attention to Kevin Hall's live-changing book, Aspire.
ps ... the book the winner receives is autographed!
Aspire: Discovering Your Purpose Through the Power of Words
Just to tickle your anticipation, on one of the early pages in this book, Mr. Hall says:
"I was completely unaware that the path I was following would lead to the discovery of one of the most meaningful gifts of my life. This gift would come packaged in the form of a word, a word with the power to transform one's life forever."
HA! I knew that would get you!
To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment.
For additional entries:
* be a follower
* facebook about this giveaway with a link to it
* blog about this giveaway (3 entries!)
* tweet about this giveaway and link back to me
* what single word carries great power for you? share in the form of a comment for 2 more entries

Oh - and you can let me know how many entries you get all in one comment if you like - not necessary to leave a separate comment for each entry. Good luck! Winner will be randomly picked and announced on Saturday, July 3rd.


  1. What a lovely giveaway and congratulations on the award, dear! Here's wishing you a happy Monday;-)

  2. 1) You go girl you are getting all kinds of awards!!! Great job on breaking 150. You deserve it. <3

    2) Of course I am a follwer.... becasue I love you :).

    3) The single word that carries the greatest power for me is faith. I have faith in myself, faith in God, and faith in my marriage. How can I fail with all the power that I have, all of which stems from faith?

    4) And I will mention this giveaway on my blog post today.

    total is 7

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Wow, Thanks Denalee! What a happy award.

  4. Single word: Acceptance. My acceptance of others & other's acceptance of me.

    I am a follower.

  5. i have heard nothing but great things about this book! and congrats on the award! you definitely deserve it!

    you already know i follow you and my word is... THANKFUL. thankful for the air i breathe every morning when i open my eyes.

  6. Congrats on the award sweetie! So well deserved!!! And on the followers...many more are sure to follow :)

  7. Oh, Oh, Oh, pick me, pick me! :) Pretty, pretty please!

    The single word that carries the greatest power for me is hope. In the past year I began going to church and open up my faith to God. It's been a rather amazing experience and given me so much hope in myself, my life, my family, my future, my finances, etc., etc.

    Great give away my friend :)

  8. what a great give away! i hope someone very special
    receives it. i especially love that sweet jen-rem'
    comments. :)

    thank you so much for voting for sunday lane.

  9. Congratulations on all your followers and your well deserved reward!
    I am intrigued now by the book, will be keeping fingers crossed. There are so many words that carry weight in my life. Can't imagine picking just one. Hmmm.
    I do love the word - joy. Both the giving and receiving of joy is a beautiful thing. Today I choose the word joy. Your blog is full of it!

  10. Thanks for the nice "get away" compliment above and for your nice words about my silly blog on my page today! Also, congratulations on your 150 followers. Look at you!

  11. Awww, thanks for the 'Oh So Happy' award Denalee! That was sweet! I love how you always get me to 'think!' Have a wonderful day! xOxO

  12. What a beautiful blog, I am glad I found it.

  13. You totally deserve the sunshine award :)

  14. What a lovely giveaway, and Congrats on the award!

    Chic on the Cheap

  15. Well, if this isn't the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is. I loved your video at the bottom. I showed all my co-workers. You rock!

  16. Congratulations with your Award.......and your 150 followers!!! happy midsummer evening!


  17. I just watched your video's and I am like a faucet here.
    You are a beautiful person, inside and out, all the way through.
    I'm so glad you came by my blog so that I had this chance to find You!

  18. Congratulations on your award and your followers and the power of your blog!
    The one word of many that comes to my mind that carries great power is LOVE! Is that not the reason for life?

    Enjoy! and LOVE!

  19. Congrats on your award AND bloggy milestone!

  20. Of course, I am a follower, and a commenter. You always inspire me, no matter how many times I watch your video.

  21. Thank you for your visit and finding me and for the chance to know you.
    WOW I have been crying and crying watching your video. I am going through a hard time and you are right, there is always good things in the mist of everything. Look at you! You are so gorgeous with short hair, you look younger than the other pictures!
    Hugs to you and your Mom. Prayers for her.
    I am LDS too by the way :)
    I am your newest follower and saving your blog on my computer.
    Have a wonderful day...Thank you for sharing your life :)

  22. Wow...Congrats sweetie on the award and what a great giveaway...Have a fantastic Monday and see you soon:)

  23. Congratulations on all the new followers and the latest award! :)

  24. I am LDS but not a Stephen R. Covey fan. My wife, on the other hand, I think she loves the dude. (Figuratively, not literally, although there is a chance she dated a Covey in high school.)

  25. Oh, interesting giveaway, congrats on surpassing 150! I'm a follower, and the word I would choose is ACTION! XO!

  26. thanks for the comment..i love your blog! it's so inspiring! :)

  27. great header! nice ideas!


  28. Congrats on the award! I just bought that book and absolutely loved it!


  29. Yippee on the followers!!! To infinity and beyond!!!!!!