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Monday, March 4, 2013

My Military Diet Substitutes

Ok. Bummer that a week after I started the 3-Day Military Diet (the one I lost 0.7 lbs in 3 days) I actually gained back 0.2 lbs. I know .. we're talking about minuscule amounts, but everything counts to me. So the rules of the diet are that you can do the 3 day diet, 4 days off, then begin again to keep losing weight. And it's not a horrible diet, so I'm back on beginning today. My body doesn't respond well to hot dogs or ice cream (even though it's SO yummy!) so I'll let you know how my substitutions go:

Salmon or Pan-Seared Tuna in place of hot togs and this luscious homemade blueberry or cherry "ice cream" in place of the real stuff. At 110 calories per cup, I'll either be eating twice the amount of ice cream assigned or I'll consume half the dessert calories. This is just frozen fruit run through the food processor with 1/2 can of coconut milk. Texture of ice cream - and SO DELICIOUS.

Besides gaining 0.2 lbs, I truly over-indulged this weekend. Brad and I celebrated our 31st Anniversary and a big part of that celebration is food :)

That's not to say we didn't celebrate in other ways as well! Brad surprised me with an overnight stay at the Monte Carlo. The best part of that was our evening walk in 70-degree, breezy Las Vegas to watch the Bellagio Water Fountains. SO Romantic!

Cross your fingers that 3 days from now I'm a couple of pounds lighter and healthier !!

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  1. Okay I have GOT to make some ice cream NOW! Do you think I could just put it in my blender? I don't know if I have all the parts to my food processor.

    Your anniversary date sounds like it was really fun and romantic. I love 70 degrees, it's the perfect temperature. Love you!

  2. YUM! My sisters and I are starting it on Thursday. Thanks for the substitution suggestions :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Good luck on the weight loss. It's truly a struggle isn't it?! We shall over come though... ;-)

  4. I have read a lot on the Military diet... don't know if I could do it, I think I'd be hungry.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  5. We did the military diet with some results but I don't think I would do it again. Thankfully I have hit my groove with my current routine.