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Thursday, November 15, 2012

sweet deals ... sweet dreams

Our entire 30+ years of marriage our bed has never been comfortable for Brad. Well, he likes a bed for a few weeks when we first get a new one - but then it becomes too-something. We started our marriage with a mattress from a camper. Eventually we moved up to a waterbed (it was the 80s). All in all, I think we've owned 3 water beds. But between waterbeds we've had all kinds of things. The last bed we owned was one of those expensive Select Comfort mattress beds. We got a great deal on it - buying it barely used from someone who was moving. I thought we'd use that bed forever because I could have the soft-mama-bear side while Brad sleeps on the rock-hard-papa-bear side. But something went wrong. Brad got to where he just couldn't sleep on it anymore. I was worried that we were doomed to be like his grandparents and like Lucy & Ricky Ricardo ... twin beds. Until I found an AMAZING deal online. (PS - no one is paying me to write this!) LivingSocial is amazing. We got a king-size memory foam mattress from Zen Bedrooms ($1700 value) for $399. Including shipping. It's true. It arrived today and so at 4pm I donned my PJs and climbed into bed. Azure told me I looked like an advertisement, so she snapped a few photos. (I bet Zen Bedrooms' models would wear silk instead of flannel - but, whatever)

So I got to thinking: what other great deals are out there? I'm not a coupon gal (they end up COSTING me money instead of saving me money - by causing me to buy stuff I don't want or need) and so I'm naturally hesitant about searching for good deals (want to avoid buying things I don't really need). But when I found you can get a $10 gift card to IHOP for $4 ... WOW. If I were really rolling in the bucks I'd snatch up the $4000 lazer eye surgery for $1300. And I'd seriously consider the mink eyelash extensions for $79. And the list goes on. Anyhoo ... that's my happy news for today. I'm going to sleep like a princess tonight!

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  1. I'm so glad you have finally found a mattress that works! A good nights sleep is priceless.

  2. Thats a lovely plugin, I think im gonna get it stuffed in right now, I tried a few similar plug ins a while ago but wasnt too happy with them