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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

scriptural thought

I was reading in The Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 17:30 the other day where Nephi is talking to his hard-hearted brothers, pleading with them to see how they have been led, just as Moses was. Nephi's family had been led by his father out of Jerusalem before it was destroyed, and thus their lives were saved. They were led to ancient America. This scripture takes place during their journey in the wilderness - they had all become discouraged, but his older brothers were really coming down hard on their father for leading them away. They mourned for their comfortable life back in Jerusalem. Nephi reminded them about Moses leading the Israelites - and how, when remembering this, it is so clear that they were being led - so hard for Nephi and his brothers to understand why, after being fed manna from heaven every day, or after seeing Moses smite a rock and have water flow from it, that the Israelites didn't always recognize that God was leading Moses. It's so clear to us and was so clear to Nephi and his brothers - that the Israelites seem foolish. As Nephi was talking to his brothers about this, I thought:
For the Israelites being led by Moses and for Lehi's family .. they were so clearly guided by the Lord, yet they continued to harden their hearts. I wonder, when generations from now people look back on our day - how are we hardening our hearts, and what is happening that will be so clear to them then, that we may not be seeing now? It is so important to stay in tune and to recognize miracles and tender mercies. This may be one reason why in recent General Conferences we are told to record them. Yes, for our posterity, but more so that we will be aware and keep soft hearts.

For those who don't know, I am a Mormon, I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As the full name of our church declares, we are Christians. Twice a year we have General Conference where the Prophet, the 12 Apostles and other leaders speak to us - to the world. I know that what we hear is the Lord's message to us. I believe in continuing revelation - that God speaks to us through prophets just as He did in Moses' time. I also know that we are each entitled to personal revelation. As we seek His guidance we can know in our minds and in our hearts what He would have us do. As I thought on this scripture in The Book of Mormon, it became clear to me that I need to constantly treasure up the words of our written scripture as well as the words of our modern prophets so that I can always recognize that we are being led. That sometimes the way may seem so easy, like when Moses held up the staff and all the Israelites had to do was LOOK, yet many would not - so easy, that if I'm not in tune I may discount it. I love the peace that comes in knowing that I am never alone. Not only do I have a personal connection to Heavenly Father through prayer, but I have access to His words through prophets.

This brings great peace.

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  1. "LOOK"
    Great post! It's true.

  2. Today I taught in the book of Jeremiah; he and Lehi were contemporaries. Lehi left Jerusalem for the promised land while Jeremiah stayed to fulfill his role as prophet to a wicked nation. It was striking to me how throughout the Old Testament the people just don't learn from the previous generation's mistakes--and then I had the same thought as you. How clear it is to see the cause-and-effect of ancient times and how difficult to see any need for change or concern in our own. I showed my class the Conference issue of the Ensign (November) and expressed gratitude for prophets today to lead and guide us and challenged them to read a talk this week.