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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on the lighter side

Disclaimer: I have nothing against blonde hair. I think it's beautiful.

A blonde girl decides to do a puzzle so she grabs the puzzle and pours out all the peices and tries to put it together....

After a while of trying she gets frustrated and calls her boyfriend...

Her boyfriend says: Honey whats wrong

The Blonde says: Im trying to put this puzzle together but I can't do it.

Her boyfriend says: Well look at the picture in the front and tell me what it looks like.

The blonde says: Okay... well the background is blue and there is a tiger on it.

Her boyfriend says: Honey... put the cornflakes back in the box.

In the morning, a blonde enters a restaurant with a carton of orange juice. She puts the orange juice on the table and stares at it.

The store is about to close down and the blonde is still staring at the orange juice. A waiter comes and asks the blonde, "Excuse me, we are about to close for the evening, I'm afraid your going to have to leave."

"No" They blonde replies.

"Why not?" questions the waiter.

"The carton says "concentrate".

A blonde is driving down a road when she accidentally escapes a car going in the opposite direction. They both stop to inspect the damage. The blonde's car is fine but the man's has suffered a few dents. He loves his car and is furious at the blonde.
He draws a circle on the pavement and tells her she cannot step out of the circle until he tells her to.

The blonde agrees.
The man gets a baseball-bat from his car and crushes the hood of her car.
When he turns around she is giggling to herself.

"What's so funny?" the man asks.
"Nothing," the blonde replies.
The man turns around again and proceeds to smash the windows and headlights. He looks back at the blond who is now shaking with laughter.

Again, he asks, "What is so funny?"
The blonde again replies, "Nothing."

This time the man beats her car so savagely it becomes a pile of scrap metal. He looks back at the blonde again who is now rolling on the ground laughing hysterically.

This time he shouts, "I just destroyed your car to pieces and you are still laughing! What is so funny?"

The blonde gathers herself and then replies to the man, "When you weren't looking, I stepped out of the circle 3 times."


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That's all. Hope you all have a great day!

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