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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Hey sweet blog friends! I've missed you! Here's a quick catch up:
You know how life gets crazy, right? work, family, life ... it just sometimes gets a little out-of-control. That's what happened with me. But I'm happy to report that I'm back in full swing. Routine is now a part of my life once again. Although I've not been great at commenting on your blogs, I've enjoyed keeping up with you.

In my life:

My son has finished his time at the Mission Training Center in Utah learning the Tagalog language and how to best serve the people. He arrived in Quezon City, Philippines early last week. And he's SO in his element. He's so happy feeling the Spirit, learning the language, loving the people.

I continue to learn and re-learn that my timetable and the Lord's are not always the same. But I DO know that He is aware of me and guides me. I also know that life is good and I can be happy even when my life's tapestry has some threads in it that I didn't expect. And that it is most likely those very threads that will make the tapestry brilliant and valuable.

My Sierra is now 18 and will be graduating this year. So she and I took a little trip to California where we shopped our hearts out in the fashion district and rode bikes from Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach. Alone time with my children is priceless.

A couple of days ago Brad and I came upon this car at a stop light. I love vanity plates that make me laugh! I saw one that I want to copy sometime. It says: hahaha

That's it for now. See you tomorrow!

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  1. too sweet! love the picture of you and your daughter. the license plate is hysterical.

  2. Welcome back! I enjoyed seeing pictures of your trip on facebook. Looks like you girls had a BLAST!!!

  3. Hooray for you!

    Hip hip hooray, you're back!

    So terrific to share in these precious snippets from your life Denalee and you've given me the gift of a new phrase....we don't call them vanity plates, here they're just personalised plates, but I think vanity really sums it up for many.

    Happy day!

  4. Hi Denalee! I'm glad Bryan is having a great time on his initial days in my country. I hope he fulfills his mission and will make happy memories here.

  5. Okay, it took me a second... but that plate is AWESOME!

  6. I bet you will be excited to hear all your son's experiences now that he is in the mission field.
    It is good to be busy....and then find time to slow down
    it is a cycle I think