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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bragging on Radishes

My husband is amazing. He lost 4 1/2 pounds last week! (It's taken me about 3 months to lose 4 1/2 pounds) So anyway, he's being very conscious of his food intake - one of his favorite snacks is the radish. And after I found out their only about 2 calories a piece, I decided to make it one of my favorite snacks too.

Here's more good news about radishes:
* High in Vitamin C
* Juice the Greens for Oodles more Vitamin C
* High in Phosphorus and Zinc, so their good for your skin!
* Reduces the risk of some cancers
* Good for your Urinary Tract
* Radishes are an anti-congestive
* Natural Breath Freshener
* Good for your Liver & Gall Bladder

I haven't tried this, but I read that they're really good sauteed and that if you sautee the greens with garlic their amazing. (That'll be tomorrow night for me!)

So eat up! At 2 calories each, enjoy!

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  1. wow! my grandmother loved radishes, and
    now i'm going to eat more and remember
    her. thank you!

  2. I just planted radishes today! Now I know what to do with them!

  3. I've got a punnet of seeds, so guess what's going into the seed raising box tomorrow?

    Loved the facts and as I'm a newly-minted 'Juicer' the greens will be a new addition to my mix - when they finally grow - actually I think they're fairly speedy little numbers.

    Happy day!

  4. On my way to grab some ;-))

    love them, even thought in this time of mounth I tend to act like a trash can. Sad, but true.

  5. I do hope you had an amazing Easter. Radish are not one of my favourite 'munchie fillers'. The low calorie intake wish they were. Thanks for sharing. Take Care. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. I sure do wish I liked them. And that I loved them. *sigh* Too peppery for me, but so beautifully enticing on the veggie platter. When I think of radishes, I think of my paternal Uncle John. He could eat radishes by the barrelful.

  7. OK....I am going to LOAD UP on radishes. I like them with lots of salt.

  8. I love radishes! And 4 1/2 pounds in a week, wow!