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Monday, January 23, 2012

My brother, Michael

I'm sandwiched between two brothers. In high school, they were both exceptionally cool and I .... well, I was not. But that's ok. Bruce is a year+ older than me, Michael is a year+ younger than me. Can you imagine how TIRED my mother must have been?!

(this was taken before #6, Darryn, came along ... I think I'm 4 in this picture which makes Bruce 5 and Michael 3 ... Camielle is the oldest and Jennilyn is the baby)
Anyway, thinking about Michael today. When we were teenagers we were very best friends. I can remember many nights one of us going into the other's bedroom, sitting on the bed and talking. And talking. Forever. Hours would pass so quickly. I had crushes on his friends and he had crushes on mine.
We talked about friends, we talked politics (he was a die-hard conservative and I had no idea what he was talking about), he was a poet and I was one of the few who could talk him into sharing his poetry with me, we talked about books and movies (well, when that subject came up, he talked and I listened), we talked about dreams of our futures. I always thought Michael would grow up to be a courtroom judge. I don't know why. He's one of the most connected people I know - you want to get in touch with anyone about anything and Michael will have a connection that can make that happen. And, this is a crazy thing, he's working on his PhD right now - weird, considering my lack of degrees :) Smart. That's what he is. Anyway, he was just a really good guy back when we were kids. And he's a really good guy now. And I miss him.

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  1. You are blessed to have them as your brothers. Although I have an elder brother, I have my own unique story of my SPECIAL brother.

  2. Very sweet. I'm exhausted just thinking about your poor mother. We have a new puppy and I'm exhausted just running around after her :)

  3. That was so sweet. It makes me miss my brother to hear how much you love and miss yours!

  4. Yep.......that's our Michael! ~Camielle

  5. Wonderful to have a brother like that! Good for him for getting his PhD.

  6. I had so much fun with all of my sibs last month. Playing games was a blast! But I have to say, whenever I think of Monopoly, I think of Michael and his 'just visiting'! All we need is a little Wednesday Morning 3 am' going in the background while we play till the wee hours!

  7. how wonderful that you shared THAT relationship with your brother.
    I have only one daughter...and 4 sons
    she was in the middle...and was pretty close to her brothers.
    When our Matthew was hard on her...(and All of us of course)
    wonderful to have close family ties.