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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bucket lists

Have I told you about the time I helped catch this 300 pound halibut?
Well, when the big ol' grizzled fishermen had me filet it, I straddled the giant and stuck in the knife. I hit the spinal cord and its tail flipped up and hit me in the rear. Quite an experience. Anyway, I've had my deep-sea-fishing thrill. Don't know what I'll cross off next on my bucket list, but I was thrilled to see on the counter this morning, my 14-year-old's bucket list she had compiled the night before. She's got some worthy and exciting things on there, but my favorite of hers:
Be in a Tomato Fight.

What's on your bucket list?

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  1. that's one of my boyfriends bucket list items to catch a Halibut ..... i made a post of my bucket list - i think it's an evolution and keeps growing and growing! - i can go on for days ..

  2. lol - love that one. my bucket list contains too many things that will never happen. it's more of my daydream list than a bucket list. cruise to alaska, honeymoon to hawaii, totally paid for car (that's not a bucket of junk), not thinking i'll have to work until the day they pull me out of here on a stretcher. those kinds of things. hahaha! still trying to figure a way to see that concert in february but it's looking more and more doubtful since we're also moving and i need any extra $$ i might have for that. i'll live - and i'll get over it. but i can yearn for a while, right?

  3. Wow, that is some fish! I have a pretty long bucket list, filled with things related to travel, career, family and more. My current goal is to of course fulfill my dream of writing a novel.

  4. Ha, be in a tomato fight? That's fun. Can't say I've ever heard anyone putting that on their bucket list, like it :)
    You know, I'm not sure I have an official bucket list. Some things float around in my head but it's always changing.

  5. Some day Hubby and I are going to drive up the Alaska Highway. I'm looking forward to that. You did a great job landing that halibut. Good for you.

  6. haha, i want to be in a tomato fight too!

  7. WOW, now that is some fish.
    A tomato that's a good one.
    you know...I have NEVER made a bucket list. (long story)
    I guess (for some reason) I never thought the things I "dreamed of" would ever remotely come true.
    I guess I need to rethink that.

  8. WOW, what a fish!!! That's awesome -- and definitely on my list!

  9. My goodness, look at the size of that fish!!!!