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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Denalee-I'm a Mormon.

Hi, I'm Denalee

I'm a wife, a mommy and a grandmother; I've worked in TV & marketing but the best job I've ever had is at home. And I'm a Mormon.

Two of my favorite bloggers have created posts recently that inspired me to share these thoughts:
Camielle at RealWomenAreAlaskan is helping to debunk myths about Mormons including "cult" ideas. Please read her post here. It's informative and thorough.
Lindsey at the r house posted her I Am A Mormon profile recently and it inspired me to create mine.

You can see my profile in its entirety here. On my profile page I share some thoughts that are really tender in my heart. I would be so happy to share this part of me with you. Here's an excerpt:

About Me

I have a passion for life. I see life as a gigantic gift in which each day is a new little present. I've learned through my own trials of infertility; Multiple Sclerosis; contested adoption; financial disaster; losing loved ones ... that there is joy and peace to be found in everything, at every moment in every day. It just requires submission to God's will - and then the peace flows and joy fills in the holes that sorrow and pain have created. I love learning! Especially learning about what nature has to offer. I dabble in essential oils, whole organic foods, living water, and exercise. I can't get enough of reading good books! It's easy for me to become so absorbed that I have learned to get my "must-do's" finished before picking up a book. It's bound to be hours before I emerge from the turning pages! Although I help make money for our family, homemaking and nurturing are my passions. I LOVE PEOPLE! Everyone has a story and I want to hear them all. This brought me to the great experience of hosting tv talk shows in Alaska and Nevada. I'd love to continue work in television because I'm also a big ham who loves the camera. For me, LIFE IS GREAT!

For those who don't know, "Mormon" is a nick-name which members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were given because of our acknowledgment of The Book of Mormon as scripture. With the nick name and the scriptures, it is thought by some that we are not Christians. But we are! The subtitle of The Book of Mormon is: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. We read and believe the Bible - both the Old and the New Testament as well.

For more about what we, as Mormons believe, click here. For more about my personal feelings of faith, click here.

I sincerely hope to have not offended anyone with this post. Also, please know this: I acknowledge all people as good, as brothers and sisters with the same Heavenly Parentage regardless of faith or absence of faith. In opening my deep feelings, I hope that you have understood it in the way I feel it.


  1. And I LOVE YOU! Every silvery strand! And sparkling tooth. And toenail. *wink*

  2. Offended? Of course not. I am not Mormon and feel quite happy with my beliefs but feel nothing but inspiration at the joy you feel for your faith. Your blog is about you and obviously, this is a big part of you.
    I am right there with you about joy and peace can be found every single day and in every single thing. If nothing else, you can learn something. Also on the books, I love getting lost in a story :)
    Happy day to you today joyful Denalee!

  3. No-one could ever truly be offended by you embracing the beliefs that are true to your heart...And if they object, well that says so much more about them as a person than it does about you! Good on you for posting about something that is very important to you...I am not a Morman myself, but I respect everyone's right to live their life however they please...And yes, I so love being able to escape into a book aswell! There is nothing better :o)

  4. It really is good to learn more about you. Your faith and beliefs help make you what you are. There is no reason that anyone should be offended by your profession of them. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Every Mormon I have met in my life has been a model of kindness and goodness. I learned about your faith from a woman who became a nanny to my little second cousins when their mother died during surgery. It was a tragedy, but this lady brought happiness and understanding to these three little girls. I went to a few meetings with her and we talked about God together.

    I have heard negative things said about Mormons since Mitt Romney has been running for President. I was sorry to hear this. I think we should all respect one another's beliefs and it upsets me when there is persecution of a certain church. The church I was raised in, Seventh-Day-Adventist, is called a cult and a sect by other churches. This is hurtful too. Anyone who believes a little differently is looked on with suspicion. It is too bad this still happens in the 21st century.

  6. I appreciate your honesty, integrity, and willingness to take a stand for your beliefs. that is very refreshing and i am in no way offended. i have studied with mormon missionaries and although i don't agree with everything, i respect the choices of those who do. no religion has "everything" for "everyone" and those who oppose one over another need to sit up and realize that fact.

  7. Fantastic post, Denalee. :) Please don't worry about offending anyone. This is your blog and your religion is a part of you!

    I've had several Mormon friends (and coworkers) growing up. One of my fondest memories from my childhood is spending weekends with our neighbors, who were Mormon. They were incredibly active in their church and I always got to tag along for all the fun events! Hehe.

    I believe every religion has extremists who do something crazy and sort of distort the religion in the public eye. So people of other faiths are misinformed and therefore confused/horrified by what they hear. Unfortunately, it happens too often. I'm pleased there are people like you who make an effort to educate people on the truth. We need more people like that in this world!

    I hope you're having a fantastic week! xoxo

  8. I think that you should be able to share what is on your heart on your blog.
    In this day, having an opinion is under attack. I applaud everyone who lives out loud.
    That is a very nice post.
    Good job.

  9. Love this post my friend...and you. xoxoxo