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Monday, November 14, 2011

Giveaway AND a precious SILVER STRAND

My cousin, Susan, is an amazing woman for many reasons.
You'll find her amazing because she's offering a giveaway! Yay for giveaways!!
More on that at the end of the post. The real prize in this post, though, is her sharing of one of her Silver Strands:

As one looks back over their lifetime, it is much easier to see the miracles or silver strands, interwoven with daily life. I recognize many silver strands in my life. One huge miracle unfolded in the spring of 1999.

After about 12 hours of toughing out some severe abdominal pain, believing I could “will” it away, I finally succumbed to a trip to the Emergency Room. I suspected appendicitis as the pain was high in the abdomen and very sharp at times. Over a period of many hours, ER doctors and specialists became involved, trying to make an accurate diagnosis. Eventually I was admitted for the night and was told they had asked my gynecologist to stop by the hospital the next morning. He did come to check on me and delivered the news that I needed a hysterectomy and I needed it soon. Emergency surgery was scheduled for early that afternoon.

Not many hours after I moved from the recovery room into my hospital room, some medical professional stopped by to suggest that I get in touch with an urologist to have a spot on my kidney checked. Survival was the order of the day and I didn’t pay much attention to that admonition. Once home, I was looking at a six week recovery period and with small children still at home and businesses that required my attention my focus was on getting well.

One day shortly after I arrived home I got an unexpected phone call from an urologist’s office, saying the doctor had been asked to stop by my room at the hospital but had not done so before I was released. Driving myself anywhere was not an option as I had a very large and very fresh incision. I couldn’t imagine the urgency to go see another doctor. I jokingly said that they must have found out that my insurance paid well and wanted a piece of the action.

Somehow I made my way into that doctor’s office within a few days of his phone call and was shocked when he showed me a spot on my kidney that had been detected when they were trying to identify the source of abdominal pain. This spot was totally unrelated to the original problem. He told me it was either a blood filled cyst or a malignant tumor. Shocked, I agreed to have a biopsy. Within a matter of a few days, the diagnosis was back. I was told I had renal cell carcinoma! My name and cancer had never been in the same sentence. This would mean another major surgery just six weeks after the first. I was reeling!

I had no symptoms, no reason to believe I had any kidney problems. It took all the strength I could muster to prepare for the second surgery. My family needed me. My business needed me. I would be down for another six weeks. But I had no choice.

The affected kidney was removed. It was determined that the cancer was all contained in the kidney. I didn’t have to have chemotherapy or other treatments. How blessed I was that the female related problems had manifested themselves exactly when they did so the problem could be found before it spread through my entire body. They don’t think I would have had any symptoms until it was too late.

Ever grateful for this blessing, the blessing of finding a serious problem before it was out of control, reminds me of the silver strands that are interwoven in our lives. We all have them. Recognizing them is the secret.

Did I tell you she's amazing?! Now, one more thing before the giveaway announcement. Susan owns and runs at least 2 companies: Techno Hue and Seven Arrows Color Connection. She also champions the cause of living life to the fullest through her website: Celebrate Life. If you want to be uplifted, check out all of those sites.


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  1. What a truly remarkable family you have Denalee and Susan you are not only a super strong person [I can't even begin to imagine undertaking one of those surgeries let alone both within weeks of each other!] and a living example of the silver strands.

    Happy hugs to you both, I'm popping over to find out more about you Susan, you are a gift indeed.


  2. Felicity said everything I was going to say. Your family is amazing and amazingly strong. Hope she is feeling better.

  3. Thank you for sharing such an amazing and inspiring story, Susan! You are the ultimate example of strength.

  4. how remarkable! we lost a very dear friend to kidney cancer in 1999. his daughter had a kidney removed in 1997 and no one thought to tell him that maybe he should be checked, too as this type of cancer tends to run in families. if he had been screened at that time, he probably would be enjoying his grandchildren right now.

    you have such an amazing family!

  5. What an amazing blessed lady. I would love to enter.

  6. Stories like this are the exact reason I work so closely with the American Cancer Society and love the volunteer work I do with them.

  7. I believe everything that happens to us has a reason. You were meant to live on. God bless and thank you for your story.

  8. I can imagine your visit back to the urologist's office while recovering must have taken all the strength you could muster - it was wwell worth the effort.

  9. Thank you for sharing this amazing post, so glad that the serious problem was able to be sorted, before it got out of control.

    Happy week

  10. That was a beautiful thought about a horrible subject...that was handled beautifully! I truly feel it's all about the attitude!!! and hers is A+

  11. I follow Silver Strands, and I need some help with my neck wrinkles!

  12. Divine intervention.

    It is a beautiful thing. :)

  13. Follower. I always love a giveaway!

  14. Denalee Susan is amazing!! She is a very strong and inspiring woman.

    I am recovering from a total left hip replacement so anything that will help me feel more youthful as I rehab sounds so great!


    Art by Karena

  15. Just found you and I am so excited! I started making cancer caps when my best friends 16 yr old daughter developed cancer in one of her NF (Neurofibromatosis) tumors.

  16. What a wonderful story of courage! And this sounds like a great product! I would love to try it! Thanks! ♥

  17. I'm a new follower! I am so happy that you visited me and brought me to your blog! Hugs! ♥

  18. I wear mineral makeup...this sounds good...
    Mineral Translucent Finishing Powder.