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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

some things I like

I'm usually the last to learn about the latest things ... well, actually, I think I may have been the first 40-something person to get facebook way back in 2006.
(but I can take no credit - my daughter signed me up so I could be cool.)
I mean, so that I could see the pictures she was posting.
Anyway, I just learned about pinterest ...
(not surprisingly - same daughter got me going).
If you don't know about it (but if you do, just humor me, ok?) it can be your personal pinboard - you know, an inspiration board of pinned up pictures. Like when we were teenagers and clipped out pictures from magazines - outfits, hairstyles, recipes, cool projects ... So I'm getting hooked on it. Because I'm pinning things I want to make, cool looks for my dream home and more.
like this cool soap dispenser repinned from
And this lace skirt repinned from
and this super-smart idea!
If you get on pinterest, follow me and I'll follow you back - I want to see what you like, and share what I like! I'm on as Denalee Chapman.

is such an entertaining blog that I find myself going back regularly for a quick chuckle.
One more blog I want to share with you ... Felicity (what a great name! - she should thank her mom daily for that)
appropriately titled her blog:
... if ever you need a reminder of how good life is, check in with Felicity.

That's it for today. It would take me months to list all the blogs I love - I'm counting on you checking out those I follow to see some of the best. You're all awesome. Hope you're having a great mid-week day!


  1. How sweet of you!

    And actually, I was over at Felicity's blog just the other day! Pretty cool.

    Re: "pinterest", I've had a picture on my fridge of the plantation-style shades I want for my living room for almost two years now. I really should try harder to make that happen!


  2. Pinterest is so addicting! I just found out about it this summer, and have been on it at least once every few days.

    I'm loving that mason jar soap dispenser! It would look gorgeous in an all white countryside inspired bathroom. :)

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

  3. Hey Denalee, the images that you've posted today are the exact reason why have tried with all my might to avoid's a vortex of gorgeousness that I simply can't fall into. It would mean more time on the computer = eek!

    As for the loveliest of 'shout outs' - thank you, it would be a treat to meet more of your fabulous 'Silver Stranders'.

    Happy day Lovely!
    xx Felicity

  4. I joined recently, and I love it, too!

  5. i've heard of it but haven't joined. love the laundry hanging idea. the others are neat, too but the ladder rocks!

  6. I love the first picture. What a way to repurpose a used bottle.

  7. I just joined pinterest-- and I am hooked. oh just great that's all I need (sarcastic font) so guess I'll follow you! as long as I'm lookin around!

  8. that laundry rack thing is so cool! love

  9. I recently saw a mason jar wine glass. It had a crystal candlestick attached to the bottom of the jar. Love how clever people are with such common things.