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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


it used to make me crazy.
Someone I know once said, "I've learned to make insomnia my friend."
So for all of you who get these bouts like I do, here are some ideas for those times when all the world seems to be sleeping except for you:
Read a good book (I'm just finishing up The Help so I can feel good about going to see the movie)
Blog - because somewhere in the world there's someone who is also awake and ready to read your post
Day Dream (when's the last time you indulged in that luxury?)
{what to daydream about: your dream home; chapter titles of the novel you're going to write; your dream vacation; create the next great dessert}
Rearrange your living room
Take care of the next day's "must dos" in the house so when you can sleep (about the time everyone wakes up) there's no guilt
Make a breakfast feast fit for a royal family (they'll treat you like a queen all day)
... so now that I've daydreamed and blogged ... I'm off to a little comfy corner to pull out "The Help" ... about the time you all get up, I'll be fast asleep.


  1. Yep, been having trouble with this for about 8 years now. I tend to just wander to my studio and start working. It's the farthest room from the bedroom so I have the least chance of waking up my husband :)
    Today I've been up since 3:10 a.m.

  2. I've been struggling with the same thing for years. It comes and goes. It can be so frustrating!

  3. Lately I feel like I can't sleep enough! I have been sleeping in until 7, not giving myself much time to tidy up and run to work!

  4. These are perfect ideas!! We are very similar. When I can't sleep, I love nothing better than to pick up a good book or blog. ;)

  5. Good advice! I usually sleep well, but when I can't I try to get some of my to-do list completed so I can catch a nap the next day :D