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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

when it rains, it pours

Actually, that statement isn't entirely true. Anyone who has lived in SE Alaska or in the Northwest US (probably lots of other places where I've never been) knows that it can actually drizzle for days on end with no downpour at all.
But! there are places where truly, when it rains, it pours. We lived on Guam for 6 years and that was the case there - none of this misty, drizzly stuff ... bright, hot sunshine every single day with HUGE downpours every single day as well. It would be like buckets from heaven just dumping water all over us - for about 10 minutes, then it would be over and the sun would be out again.
(This is a picture from 1991 - when Typhoon Yuri came through ... we were on the island then, and I'll tell you - those typhoons are actually a bit more exciting than the daily downpour!)
So anway, I was thinking about some friends of mine today. Some friends who it seems to be drizzling on ... and on and on and on. And some who are currently getting poured on big-time.
In fact, in the midst of writing this I got a phone call from one of those friends: I couldn't believe it when she told me the reason of having to cancel our meeting - her purse had been stolen. with her iPad in it. just a couple of weeks ago her 1st iPad was stolen. But as she said, "there are WAY worse things in this world than having something stolen" ... and there are. So back to what I was saying: Life is hard. It's designed to be hard. That's how we grow and learn and become. It's a refining process. But this I also know: just as in Guam, most of the time the sun shines. It's sometimes easy to think only about the current downpour and the last downpour that happened only a day ago, and that tomorrow it's going to downpour again. But when we let that consume us, we forget to go out and enjoy the sun. And just like SE Alaska, sometimes there seems to be no sun at all ... just constant drizzle - nothing huge, but so constant that we get worn down. But anyone who has visited a place like that knows that there is no beauty that can compare with the lush rainforest and the prolific wildlife that exists because of that constant drizzle. When you can accept that you're going to get wet, and go out in it anyway, it is absolutely breathtaking - the beauty that's all around. So this message is for me, for my friends, for everyone:
Find the sun
and if it's hidden for days on end,
find the beauty!
It's there - I promise.


  1. I love this - it's so inspirational and so very true!

  2. I loved this tooo!

    I know too in the Hurricane EAST Coastline and now watching IRENE. I am originally from the WEST Hurricane scares..and barely some thunderstorms. Nothing like I have experienced here and learning to TRUST and not be afraid!!

    What TIME I am AFRAID..I WILL trust in THEE!!

    Updated my Cancer appointment!


  3. such a wonderful post and so very true! thanks for sharing and inspiring me today to enjoy the sunshine!

    (did get good news from the doctor today for ron - his hemoglobin a1c is 5.5, which is in the normal range for a non-diabetic. he still has to take insulin, but it is greatly reduced. yay!)

  4. "Most of the time the sun shines." This is true as I have found through living one day at a time. The good days far outnumber the bad. God says "yes" to us far more often than "no". There are storms, but mostly there is calm. You wrote such a beautiful post. Thank you for the encouragement.

  5. True, true, true, Denalee. Thank you.

  6. Love it :-)

    You lived in Guam??? Wow, so interesting!

  7. Here's to the sunshine after the rain!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking all things French

  8. Thank you for stopping by A Helicopter Mom so I could learn about your amazing story. I loved reading about your story and am so touched by it.

    I started from the beginning, so I'll be back to read more later. :)

    Have a great night!

  9. beautiful words! thank you so much!