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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

one thing i love about back-to-school-time

There are actually a million & one things I love about this time of year - but let me share just one:
school clothes shopping
and the required fashion show that goes with it.
That's right. Required.
Even for boys.
Granted, the girls' favorite part of clothes shopping is the fashion show afterwards.
The boys have always had to be coaxed.
But it's a family rule.
Everything about back-to-school shopping is fun for us! I think I got this obsession from my parents ... they're still addicted. After their youngest moved out, that fall the two of them went "back-to-school" window shopping. They strolled through the school supply aisles, hand in hand, catching the scent of new pencils and unused notebooks. This is true. I wonder if they still do it ...


  1. That's adorable about your parents strolling through the school supplies after the kids had moved out. Very reminiscent but also cheaper!

  2. I loved getting new clothes for school each year!

  3. What a great way to make this time of year fun and special for everyone! Love it!

  4. i loved to shop for clothes with the kids, too. i do miss that part of the return to school rituals.

    cute pictures.

  5. I miss back to school shopping! I wish I had money right now so I could join in the festivities! :P

  6. Hello Denalee! When I was still studying, we didn't have that much in life. Shopping is one thing we rarely do. We only shop twice a year; during Christmas and the month before going back to school. The pictures reminded me of my good, old but younger days :) I always look forward to school shopping! Have a great day.

  7. Isn't it funny how the SCENT of a pencil or other things like this BRING YOU BACK...

    I loved School beginning...yep..NEW CLOTHES and SHOES...for me..waaay back when..matching knee socks for every outfit (gradeschool)

    The new red plaid lunchbox..still looking for one in the VINTAGE sections...oooh ages. I'd love to have it to store my sewing stuff.

    Thanks for memory lane..

  8. @Hope - Yes, it's the SMELLS that make me feel a sense of nostalgia for back-to-school. For me, though, it's more about that crisp scent of fall air. I was in the marching band, so that smell makes me think of sitting on the bleachers during football games while wearing a silly hat and playing the clarinet. ;-)