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Monday, July 11, 2011

happiness is ...

Some of my recent experiences and the books I'm currently reading have me focused on
This week I want to share my happiness thoughts with you beginning with this Eskimo proverb:
Our community lost a dear man this weekend.
I feel a big hole when someone I know leaves this world. But I love this thought - that the hole I feel may be the very opening through which I can feel the happiness and love of the person who passed on.
This post is dedicated to Ken Selch, through whom I learned
the value of quiet dignity,
the power of example,
the effect of a constant smile.
We'll miss you Ken.


  1. Beautifully stated! I love that - openings in heaven.

  2. love that thought.. it will end up as one of my Wednesday Wisdoms. Sad for us happy for him.

  3. we'll all miss Ken. thanks for this post. that quote is wonderful and i'm sure that the principle of it will comfort his family.

  4. Your words capture it all. Thanks for reminding us. I may not personally know him but based from your account, I feel he is a great man.

  5. Hiiii! This is me waving to you. Thanks so much for finding me and leaving me such kind comments.

    I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. This beautiful quote meant a lot to me when my father died very suddenly and unexpectedly, 6 years ago. I was given a garden stone with this quote on it and I placed it under our grapevines, where the night sky is most visible and glorious. My dad loved the stars and so I thought it was a fitting spot.

    A few years later, my sister in law lost her own dear father. We sat on my back porch and I listened to her cry and talk about her dad, (the best thing you can do for someone in the throes of grief), and suddenly it hit me, she needed to have my rock. I went out to the grapevines and brought it back, a bit dirty, but still. My dad would have wanted me to do exactly that. I'm happy to say that when a friend of hers lost her mother, she passed the stone on to her with the instruction to keep it going.

    I hope it does.

    And one more thing, I love the story of your hair. And your haircut is rockin' awesome!