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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{giveaway} AND ~ happiness is .... (part 2)

... not as elusive as some may think.
I know that happiness is not a feeling - it's a state of being.
And I know that we all possess it. Just sometimes we, by our actions or our thoughts, shut it out.
We are meant to have joy.
And call me simple, but I believe that regardless of our circumstances, we just need to step outside ourselves (that is, cease being selfish) and the fuzzy film of life that shuts out happiness will disappear. We then have proper perspective and are able to see clearly - we are happy.
Pick up a copy of
or ... (and this should help add to your happiness!)
enter to win your very own personally autographed copy!
Brand-spankin-new ... hot-off-the-press ...
talks about getting rid of the happiness obstacles: PIG, APE and Ego.
(PIG and APE are acronyms ... read the book for more on that)
and embracing life fully.
He teaches us how this leads to success.
Some of my favorite quotes from the book:
"... step away from the cave and embrace life instead of trying to conquer it or control some little corner of it .... we are not only 'in' life, we are life."
"Keeping the Ego on life support is a burden that can wear out the most energentic person."
"Live two days at a time"
(this is a fascinating concept - combines living in the moment and anticipating the future)
It's a great book about self awareness, success and happiness.
To enter simply leave a comment.
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  1. ooo, i am always interested in a book on self development! i truly believe that we actually need to work at being happy and content - it really is a state of being, but because life is the way it is, we need to work on achieving this state :)


  2. Sounds like a Fabulous book....I also believe that we are in charge of our happiness!!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!!!

  3. Hi Denalee! You always write such uplifting posts. This book sounds wonderful. Happiness is certainly something we can all experience, sometimes we just don't realize how easy it is to.

  4. I OWN my happiness - and my occasional unhappiness - and am grateful for so many reasons to smile :-)

  5. this book sounds intriguing.. I like the "embrace life instead of trying to conquer it ... we are not only 'in' life, we are life." something to ponder.

  6. I agree, happiness is a state of being. I feel full of joy almost every day, overflowing in fact. Please don't throw my name in the hat but I wanted to tip my hat to you for encouraging people to find their joy :)

  7. This is something to ponder. Good luck to all! xx to you!

  8. I am pretty happy most of the time, if not all of the time. I still know a person or two that could use this book though.

  9. Denalee, sounds like a wonderfully inspiring book, and I would love to win!


    Art by Karena

  10. I think you are the epitome of a happy, happy person; always able to find the joy that is there, but sometimes elusive. Thanks for bringing so much hope and joy to me! Your posts are full of encouragement,common sense, and that most important quality 'hope'; always uplifting!
    I Love You!

  11. Hello Denalee! Thank you for this opportunity. Please count me in.