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Friday, July 22, 2011


My two youngest girls are die-hard David Archuleta fans.
(Sierra far left, Azure next to her)
If I were a multi-billionaire, I'd hire him to come for Azure's 14th birthday party. (and then I'd have to keep a close eye on Sierra {17} to make sure she doesn't elope with him)
Anyone in blogland with David Archuleta connections?


  1. How cute. Sorry I can be of no help but will keep fingers crossed.

  2. too cute! i remember teen crushes on the "teen idol" of the day. hahaha - i think it was a 'david' but more like 'david cassidy'.

  3. haha oh how i wish we were millionaires...that would be the best birthday party ever!! miss you mom! see you on monday(: love you! <3