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Friday, April 29, 2011

true compassion

This is my grandson, Gage and my Aunt Joyce.
Aunt Joyce is in a memory care facility. She has Alzheimer's.
It is my privilege to visit her when I'm in that state ... and she has wonderful family who visit with her every day. Aunt Joyce was always our super-crazy-fun-adventurous-aunt. It seemed she had a different color hair every time we'd visit (back in the day when you didn't do that) She made me laugh. And WOW could she sing! When I was a kid she seemed like a secret-agent-spy.
This was Gage's first visit to see Aunt Joyce and her neighbors in the facility. Here's what I loved about that visit:
Aunt Joyce's eyes always light up for a split second when I show up. But when I brought Gage, she was more lucid for a longer time. She remembered Gage's name, she smiled. A lot. She was sad when we left. Gage conversed with Aunt Joyce and the others. (He's 1 1/2) They talked jibberish, he talked jibberish and they all enjoyed it. It seemed there was not a moment of anyone being uncomfortable when Gage was visiting. It didn't matter that their words didin't make sense, their souls communed. I want to be more like Gage.
I love you Aunt Joyce.


  1. Your Aunt Joyce sounds like an amazing woman, so sorry that she is affected by this devastating disease. I'm glad her and Gage had a lovely visit and I too want to be more like Gage too.

  2. Thank you for coming to my blog. How lovely to give your hair to your mother!

  3. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    I know how hard it is to see someone you love and that you admire being unwell. I admire your strength.
    *kisses* HH

  4. Hello Denalee, and thank you so much for visiting me at my blog today... your blog is so beautiful, with all of the meaning behind it, "silver strands"... I lost my older sister to breast cancer several years ago, and I am such a huge supporter of breast cancer research, I do all that I can... your Aunt is precious!... I love how she used to color her hair all different when no one else did... a free spirit for sure... and I love that her eyes light up when she sees you... I am a firm believer that those affected with Alzheimers Disease still know who we are deep down inside... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. How amazing.....this post just warmed my heart...I have no idea if this is where we are headed with my Dad!!! We have lots of appointments set up in the next few weeks!!!

    Thank you for sharing with me today!!!

    Love ya girlie!!!

  6. your blog is so inspiring <3 thank you.

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  7. Alzheimer's is so cruel. It's lovely how they still are drawn to little ones though.

  8. I wrote another post, but think it didn't take - so here we go again.
    Thank you with all my heart for visiting my precious sister, Joyce and using this post to share it. The photo of her and Gage is so sweet. You are so sweet to visit her, because distance has prevented me from doing so.
    I love YOU darling daughter

  9. I had two grandparents die of Alzheimer's and it was very difficult for me to see them. You are a great niece to take time out of your life to visit with your aunt.

  10. We lost my Grandpa when my son was a little less than a year old. He brought such joy to my Grandpa those last few months. I'm thankful they had that time together!