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Monday, November 15, 2010

Make a Wish Monday

"Regret and anger are toxic to the body."
photo by Alice Cornelia Kopp
I had an incredible weekend! How about you?
So, if you haven't yet checked out Loa's new book:
now's the time to take a peek.
Loa was in town this weekend to present a workshop. Her book is all about total health - the base of which is being emotionally and spiritually healthy.
My wish this Monday is that I will live this entire week with no regrets and that I will be able to dispel any anger before it infiltrates me.
(deep, I know. I have the occasional moment ...)
What is your wish this Monday?


  1. That is a great wish and a lovely inspiration
    Wish you a happy Monday, my dear

  2. Something we should all strive for every week I think. My wish this week is to get my house back in order - been a bit neglected as of late.

  3. My post on Friday was all about Regrets! They are useless

  4. My wish is that surgery goes well today for my dear Heather and Robert.....see my post Ria...

  5. That is such a terrific quote and great way to start the week. Thank you! And hope yours goes great too :)

  6. Awesome quote. I hope to be a better me this week by not letting stress get the best of me. :)

  7. My wish this Monday is to have a healthy happy week

  8. I needed to read these words today! Thanks so much D!

  9. I think I will have to steal that wish, it's a good one :)

  10. Denalee! What a stunningly beautiful blog. I am so glad I found yours!
    I just watched your video dedicated to your mom and dad. Your story is so powerful and emotional but I envy how you are so strong and positive. You and your mother are both beautiful people. Thank you for creating this wonderful space. I look forward to reading each and every post.