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Monday, November 15, 2010

Cherish the Child

"Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished them."
Richard L. Evans
Oh how I cherish my grandchildren!
(little Gage is absent in this pic)
I believe children need love from all of us, whether we're their parents, teachers, grandparents, friends, etc ... Our love will make a difference!

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  1. Ah. You've got some cute grandkids. I bet they love their grandma.

  2. You are so blessed!!!
    Your Silver strand story really touched my heart.
    Your mother is so blessed with a wonderful man that loves her and her children love her.
    My mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer and July 23, 2009 was the last day of her chemo and she is still cancer free. It was the day before her birthday and let me tell she celebrated that birthday!!!
    Thank you for sharing your story, it is heart warming!
    Nice pic of you and your grandchildren :)

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  4. Denalee this is most adorable you must frame this image!!

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    Art by Karena

  5. What a lovely picture !! happy !! Ria...

  6. There is something about this picture that warms me heart me and soul

    Just wanted to tell you how sweet you are Denalee!!!

    <3 Love Jill

  7. what a fabulous picture!!!!!!! i love your glasses too!

    hope all is well and i wish you & yours a truly blessed thanksgiving.

    thanks so much for stopping by.... i have missed you.

    hugs :)

  8. oh my goodness gorgeous picture! I love her headband its absolutely adorable and precious!


  9. Every parent needs that quote framed and hanging in their homes! Beautiful. And the sweetest photo :)

  10. This is a beautiful quote and so TRUE! You grandchildren are so precious!! How blessed you are. xo

  11. You have such darling grandchildren! And you look fabulous, too! XX!

  12. Aww...:) Love this picture of you with your sweet grandbabies! You all look beautiful!

    I was catching up on your posts. Happy belated bday to your dad! I can see his looks in you, and your precious grandchildren. I am sure that makes him very proud....:)

    Your post on Zion Park brought back many memories for me. I have a lot of family that lives in Utah. We would vacation there every Summer when we were growing up. Zion park was a regular stop for us. It is SO beautiful there! Your photos were amazing! I don't think my family ever did hike to the top. Thanks for sharing your precious family memories with us!!
    Blessings to you for a happy day!
    xoxo Gloria

  13. It's so hard to blieve that your a grandmother, Denalee! You look amazing and your grandchildren are beautiful!

    Hope you're having a great week xoxo

  14. Hi denalee! Oh lucky you, those little ones are so cute.I love her hair thingy lol.My girls are grown but neither are married.Seems they dont want kids either:( poor me lol.I do hope and pray they change their minds in the future.

    have a great Wednesday ahead!

  15. I completely agree! I love my nieces and nephew with all my heart and I'm pretty sure they know that even though I don't get to see them too often.

  16. I was telling my wellness campers about your daughter getting a snack--she sliced open an avocado and ate it with a spoon! Now that's impressive. You're a great mom and grandma!

  17. Whoa you are such a hottie grandma, I had no idea!! They are precious and I could not agree more with your comment regarding the fact that children need love from ALL of us. I loved being someone at our school in Italy that the students felt comfortable with and would just come hang out, open up and talk. Miss that

  18. What a cute pic lady! I cherish my grandma... she's the only one I've got left and I try my best to make sure I think she's amazing.

  19. I cannot believe you are a grandmother! You look so young! You are beautiful with your silver strands and your grandkids are adorable. :)

  20. What a beautiful photo:) true!
    Kisses, my dear

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  21. Your grandchildren are so gorgeous. Fantastic picture! :)SarahD

  22. What a sweet adorable image my are such a cute grandma...I can't wait tell its my turn. oxxoox

  23. Grandparents are SO important! The dude asks for his Mimi daily!

  24. oh my goodness, what a beautiful picture of you all Denalee! Just precious! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xOxO

  25. Look at you! Surrounded by cuteness! Hope you had a great holiday!