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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yay Brittany from BusyB ... The Day Just Began Already!!!! You win the Hearts of Courage giveaway!! Email me your mailing address and we'll get your autographed book to you!

I just had to share this with everyone ... My grandson, Gage, grabbed my iPhone yesterday and snapped this picture of himself. I think the expression is hilarious! Looks like the caption should be:
Everyone have a nice Sunday!

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  1. Gage....... I just love his name & I want to eat him up .... He is lovely (in swedish LJUVLIG) & sooooo creative already!

    My friend, nothing is changed for my J, and it does not seem to be what I feared. But, his dad is very good to making me sad and confused ..... I know that you are there for me, and I will write to you. It is wonderful to have a friend by cybern who know my worst pain.

    Your wonderful comments are always giving energy.



  2. A toddler can use an iPhone!?! How wild. Such a cute little picture!

  3. He is adorable ... perhaps he is considering a career as a future photographer!!! He say he started taking pictures while still requiring a car seat -

    Congrats to your book winner ... it was an awesome give-away! Happy Saturday my dear friend!..HHL

  4. How cute little boy !!.....happy sunday love Ria....

  5. What a cute pic and my Gavin can use my Iphone better than I can!!! It amazes me!!!

    Have a great one sweet friend!!!

  6. Wow! The technological generation. I still don't know how to use an Iphone. What a cutie, he looks like he's concentrating to get it "Just Right" : )

  7. Oh, cute! Maybe he will be a photographer? :) I love PJ day! We used to have them together, the whole family when I was a kid. Mum, dad and four kids. It absolutely can be done! And it was the best! We used to order take out, watch movies and play boardgames. And YES life is absolutely too hurried. I have a note in my bathroom that reads "Life is not just chance events. You make choices - spend your time, to create substance, instead of just dreaming about what might be. But once in a while you need a time-out. Peace and relaxation that gives you time to think. To define substance..."

  8. Ah priceless :-) And "Gage" -- love his name.

  9. that's adorable! it's so "look at ME!"

    question: is your name pronounced denaLEE
    or deNAHlee?


  10. What a precious little fellow!

  11. congrats to Brittany, she is so awesome.

    Love this pic, it's absolutely adorable. I have a give away at my blog today!!!

    I hope you had an amazing weekend!!!

  12. GREAT PIC! lol!!! what a cutie!!!!!

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will email you! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I love that he snapped this picture himself. And, now, whenever I look at a dandelion, I think of you, and how your hair is that exact color "dandelion wish."