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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

stroll with me

I'm back in the desert ... and yes! it's over 100 degrees every day (but hey! it's a dry heat!) and with the blazing sun in the cloudless sky everything seems muted. But look! Just outside my front door, there's color ... vibrant color amidst the muted desert rocks:
(yes, these are ants)
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
Ok ... here's the challenge: go for a walk today.
Escape, even for just 5 minutes ...
leave the office, the babies, the paperwork, the computer ...
everyone can get away for at least 5 minutes!
Rain or arid heat, the walk will do you wonders.
My walk pushed away the "must-do" things from my mind and brought me to thinking about truly important things (people).
I'd love to hear what your walk does for you!


  1. will do! i have plans to be outside all day!

  2. Except for summer, my husband and I walk every evening, it's a special time. Sometimes we chat the whole way, reminiscing or planning the future and sometimes we walk mostly in silence pointing out a flower, bug or bird. It nourishes my soul.

  3. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful!! There is beauty everywhere . . even in the desert.
    That's funny that you challenged everybody to walk. I got up and got dressed to go for a walk this morning and decided to study instead. I guess I am meant to go do it. . . Thanks Denalee :)

  4. Yes to sumptuous walks! (OK, mine are in urban jungles, not gorgeous desert!) I love 2-3 mile daily good for the soul (when in London, you can also soak up millenia of history while at it, not too shabby :)).

  5. Love walking with you my friend...hasn't it been crazy hot!? Today is the first day it has decided to be cooler and I am loving it! Hugs. xoxoxo

  6. (Luv the shoes!) Your flowers are Beautiful!!! I go for a walk in early (4-5am) every morning ...and that piece of quiet that no one is awake really just soothes me : ) gives my mind a chance to relax and get ready to enter my home and start the day!
    Great Post!
    (finished book last night!!! LOVED IT! i was a little off on my post about it yest. probably should have waited until read whole book lol!)
    GREAT my husbands turn lol!


  7. Hi darling..i walk with you...beautiful flowers......and the first day from the rest of my life !!! hugs from me.....Ria....

  8. Hello Denalee, these are some gorgeous pictures. My husband and I plan to walk down to the beach tonight and dip our toes into the water. Doing that always helps me to feel like a child again. Walking and enjoying nature brings great peace.

  9. I'm going on a walk in a little bit - it's beautiful and sunny out and that will soon change since fall is rapidly approaching. I love all the color on your porch - such a pleasant escape from the desert, right?

  10. Hey Denalee!!
    I need to do this, despite our 100 degree weather here- ugh! But a walk WOULD do me good these days. What beautiful photos btw! xOxO

  11. i love this post!!
    nature never ceases to amaze once you actually take the time to stop and experience it.

  12. Oh what a wonder walk you had!!! I loved all the pics!!!

    I will have to wait a few more hours...we are having horrible thunderstorms and tons of rain!!!

  13. I'm enjoying your strolls... a walk really does help to give the mind an escape from the "stuff" that keeps you down.Even 5 minutes does some good!!! Great post..HHL

  14. Beautiful photos!!!
    I have been making a (better) commitment to get out there and walk! Our dog, Rocky, comes along and it's the highlight of his day.
    The walking.... increases the oxygen flow to my heart and brain, allows that 30 minutes each day to be a time just to take care of me! My life involves taking care of everyone else on a daily basis. This time helps me, myself, and I..........and in turn I am better, and more whole physically and spiritually to BE there for the rest of my family, friends, neighbors, church...etc. etc.!! :)
    Blessings to you,
    Gloria @}~`}~~~

  15. They're beautiful!!! Wish that I could have taken a stroll today. I'm so busy playing catch up in every area of my life that it's been impossible to escape lately. Hopefully soon :)

  16. A wonderful idea & I will take my camera along. These flowers are so beautiful.

  17. Lovely photos! I love the one of the rocks! We are headed out for a walk now - it's nice and cool here (finally).

  18. these are amazing pictures! glad to know you are having a good time in the warm weather. :)


  19. A little stroll always clears my head, sometimes just 5 minutes can do wonders for me. I try to take a walk every night after dinner and I enjoy it so much that I manage to sneak it in right up to the coldest of months!
    Hope you are having a super week!

  20. I walked arm in arm today with a 93 year old man. Someone else's father. We walked along the river watching the canoe/kayak races. It was lovely and refreshed my soul. I miss my dad sorely. Today was healing.