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Thursday, August 19, 2010

friday pretties

After reading my friend, Marla's, blog today, I realized that there is nothing prettier than a way to stay cool! (Our a/c broke down completely last year, and drained us of everything cool for 3 days this year) So, in celebration of a/c, cool showers, garages that open by themselves, and refreshing food, this "friday pretties" is truly heartfelt! (for more friday pretties, hop on over to Joyce's blog)

Disclaimer: My kids would have you know that we bought the house with a clear shower in it - we didn't choose it :)
What's keeping you comfortable this weekend?


  1. What on earth would we do without A/C here in the desert. I'd move that's for certain. My lovely daughter is coming in tonight for a quick weekend visit so she'll be keeping me comfortable and happy!

  2. Denalee,

    Kansas City does get hot and humid and has been all summer. Refreshing salads and watermelon are great though.

    Art by Karena

  3. yay for being able to wear sandals haha! your blog is lovely, this post definitely makes me feel cooler :)

  4. Air conditioning and Barton Springs :)

  5. Just getting so ready for FOOTBALL SEASON! That is comfort right there.

    Clear showers? I think men design those.

  6. I agree! A/C is so important!
    I love garage doors that work!

    I don't get the clear shower thing- Are they not desirable?

  7. This just made me smile :) :) Yes, don't know how people did it in the pre-A/C days (I try to not use it too much, but still...just *have* to!) Have a *cooler*, prettier Friday!

  8. Hi darling wishing you happy friday pretties stay cool...........i drink a lot of wine......hahahhah!!! hugs and love from me....Ria...

  9. i like the clear shower. only how do you keep it so clear???? i hate housework - lol!!!!

    we are having friends over today and babysitting for the weekend. supposed to be hot so jade & i will be sitting in her pool!

    stay happy and stay cool!

    hugs :)

  10. That food looks great and I would die if our A/C broke!

  11. Yay for comfy weekends! I hope you get to rest and have a tropical-vacation like weekend!

  12. Here! Here! to air conditioning. It is a beautiful thing here in north Texas.

  13. I see somebody adores their parents as I do/did :)! Treasures!
    My goose down comforter keeps me cushy and soft! And lots of prayer too :)

  14. Oh my air conditioner and staying indoors...
    PS just found you blog through a comment you made on mine. I think that what you're doing is incredible! And, I actually prefer your hair short! Super sassy!

  15. finally turned on my A/C last night : )! Sounds crazy but....a big coozy blanket...once i have the A/C on lol! (I Have to be covered lol)

    *never showered in clear glass....would take a while to get use to : ) but girl ITS CLEAN and CLEAR! way to go on the windexing!

  16. AMEN SISTER!....Hallelujah...for "A.C."...
    and even though we only need it for a few short weeks of the year, I am eternally grateful for the "cold shoulder" this "fair weather" friend gives me...Smile On...Rosie

  17. Amen to staying cool in this wicked heat!

  18. Hello Lovely and Inspiring Friend,

    I just watched your video and please excuse any typos as I can barely see through the tears. You rocked me to my core with your beautiful and giving spirit.

    I relate to you on so many levels and I noticed the saying on your sidebar that says, "Life is to be enjoyed not just endured." I couldn't agree with you more and wrote something very similar on my blog earlier this week.

    After struggling with chronic pain for months on end, I feel into a rut of derpression and one morning while sitting on my front porch having my morning coffee, I had a stern talking to myself and decided I needed to switch my cup of coffee for a big cup of courage and find a way to make the best out of my situation. Just after that thought a beautiful butterfly flew in front of me and stopped for a moment to flutter in front of me.

    Ah-Ha, I am a caterpillar about to transform into a beautiful butterfly...that's when Project Butterfly was born. I know that there are many women who struggle with some sort of challenge in their lives and I wanted to have a special place to encourage and inspire women. My hope is to share what I've learned along the way as well as share the experience of other women who have faced challenges in their lives.

    I would love to share your story and video on my blog under the Project Butterfly page. Please let me know if that would be of interest to you.

    Thank you for sharing your special journey on your amazing blog. You truly touched me and my thoughts and prayers go out to your Mom and family for her full and speedy recovery.

    By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous with your short silver strands...God Bless you Special Lady!


  19. I see Karyn is here!! She is so sweet and talented- this blogging world definitely is a small world!
    Thank God for a/c - we had a scare a few days ago- Thank God is was only a small part that needed to be replaced and not the whole unit- it was the downstairs unit- and just the one day without it, it was 86 degrees in the house, and that's with the upstairs unit on! - ugh- I'm from SF, I'll take my lovely fog any day!!!!!!!! xOxO

  20. I hate AC but I love your blog, this post & the fact that you are my blogfriend.

    Thanx again for your kind comments on my WabiSabi blog, I love them soo!


    Agneta, the swe.... :)

  21. Hello Denalee! Oh gosh did that salad look refreshing AND good! What keeps me cool??? Sitting in my recliner by the window with the ceiling fan on an as few clothes as possible!! LOL what a vision that could be! I hope your weekend is is actually a fairly nice day here so we are blessed with sunshine and lower temps!


  22. Reading the words, my friend Marla, made me smile from ear to ear. It was HUGE!

    I love you, Denalee. I really do. :-)