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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I spent a few minutes in my parents' backyard
picking spearmint leaves just to smell them,
examining the wild strawberries just starting to grow,
and standing under these trees for the shade.
Just being near these trees made me want to breathe deeply and relax.
They have such a calming, peaceful influence over me.
Today my Mom and I set some goals together.
We each want to learn something new ~
I'm going to help her make cards
and she's going to help me paint a watercolor.
I want to paint these trees.
So looking at this picture I immediately think of the peaceful feeling, standing under the trees.
But a closer look (for the purpose of art) reveals a whole lot more than how they make me feel ... shadows and highlights, lines, colors ...
(I'm not an artist, but a real wanna-be)
I realize people are like these trees. Really.
Isn't it amazing how just the presence of some people can speak peace to our souls ...
and that aura makes me want to get to know them,
to see their shadows and highlights.
Anyway ... lots of rambling here. But today's thought is peace.
What creates an atmosphere of peace for you?


  1. being in my garden.
    being by water.
    an open book and a cup of coffee.
    a quite morning alone.

  2. What a great way to spend some of your time today!!! What beautiful trees!!! I adore spearmint...I have it growing in my garden!!!

    I too just went through this with my Mom....she has Melanoma and we just had another surgery to remove more lymph nodes.. I felt like I was losing it...I too am an only child and I so wanted to do it all for my Mom!!! I wanted and searched for answers and could not find a happy space....and then I realized the simple pleasures of time spent on the deck with a cup of coffee brought peace...listening to the birds and watching them dance in the grass and trees....See I didn't have to go far...I just needed to open my eyes and my heart!!!!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment... i'm glad you did, because now i can follow your lovely story.

    i find peace under the shade of trees in my favorite neighborhood park - on a blanket, with a good book, listening to the wind.

  4. Such gorgeous trees, I find peace in the garden, Have a sweet day!

  5. a clean home, a warm bed, a warm but cloudy beach.

  6. Nature, loved ones close by and just a chance to breathe and appreciate life

  7. no rambling..that was so sweet!

    it's funny, but there are two trees on our family farm that I've seen grow up with me...they are silver birches and they are tall and beautiful...and I've photographed them, drawn an artist, many things speak to me and set me up!

    spending time around the farm where I grew up with my sketchbook in hand and drawing scenes from the places I used to play...that was a truly peaceful experience!

    these days...true peace means having my family all around...each of us delving into the world of creativity!

    have a great night!
    and again...
    beautiful should paint those trees!
    trust me!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. oh i love spearment! my favorite scent. i'm sooooooo jealous and i KNOW your watercolor will be gorgeous!

  9. Nature is very healing ...when I go for walks I always try to rug a tree. I look forward to seeing your water colour of the trees and the cards your mom is going to create.

  10. flowers, parks, sewing and photography define peace in my life!

  11. Being in nature always brings peace - whether it be amongst trees or walking along the beach. Sending lots of peaceful thoughts your way.

    I love how you and your mum have set some goals - both learning from each other and sharing your gifts and talents.

  12. I love that spot by the trees... gorgeous, and what a great memory to build learning something new with your mama!

    I know it's hard when we feel like we're at the edge of the brink, and nothing I could say here or anywhere will change that feeling... but in those moments when we're standing reflecting on our current situation and thinking to ourselves "I can't possibly do this" the answer is you're right, you cannot do this... but you along with your friends and your family and you faith can. "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me"

    In those moments when you feel you would break and collapse under the weight of it all... remember that our creator loves you, He adores you, and although we live in a fallen world of illness and pain and deep personal tragedy, we don't have to suffer alone.

    The things that bring me peace are a good cup of tea, sitting on my back porch watching the birds on the feeder early in the morning, going to church, and spending just a few quite moments reading a devotional or a Psalm.

  13. sitting in my sunny living room with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. laying on the shore of a beach listening to the waves.

  14. Books. They keep me at peace. The library is one of my favorite places =-)

  15. Peace is a quiet afternoon with my husband on the sofa and our little dog in her favorite bed. Feeling that everyone is happy and safe. Long phone calls with my mom. Books. Tea. Silence. Emails from my girlfriends. Standing by the ocean.

  16. There backyard seems soo nice! just like the inside of there house:) love you!

  17. Beautiful post.

    Peace for me is...

    The sound of a sleeping baby.
    Sitting by our pond.
    My husband snoring next to me.
    The smell of a horse.