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Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been blessed to be witness to the most tender moments I can imagine.
Can you see the glistening tears pooling in my Dad's eyes?
My parents have been married 58 years.
The looks I've seen them give each other since I arrived yesterday
are reminiscent of watching newlyweds.
Who can doubt that this marriage is eternal?
Loving relationships are not only rewarding in this life - but I know they continue into the eternities.
That's my little bit of inspiration for today.
Tomorrow: pictures of Mom's surprise at my buzzed head :)


  1. I think she looks beautiful! I think the short hair helps us focus more in on her eyes. I think I told you about the lady in my stake who had her hair short because of chemo, and how much I liked it. I saw her in the store today and her hair had grown out. I didn't like it as much as when it was short! :)

  2. That is a very sweet tribute! Where in Texas are you visiting? I am from Houston but have also lived in Dallas and San Antonio. (Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in Las Vegas. LOL)

  3. what a lovely picture! i SO hope i'm able to find a love like that. how inspiring. :)

  4. How touching.....I just adore this pic and thanks for sharing with us today!!!!

  5. Very touching xx
    Awesome blog :))
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    Can't wait to hear from you <3

  6. Oh so beautiful :). Your parents are too cute!

  7. now this is one absolutely gorgeous couple!!!! wow! all the very best to the both of them!

  8. What an awesome post! I am so happy for them and for you that you grew up with a family that amazing!

  9. Oh my, so touching... 58 years.. wow...

  10. What a beautiful you will always cherish. How awesome...58 years...


  11. It's amazing to know there really are people out there who make a marriage work forever! 58 years is such an accomplishment.

  12. I love this! What an incredible gift your parents have given to you. A true example of a loving marriage. So wonderful!