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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


(mothers day flowers picked by Azure ... thanks sweetie)
the wind is blowing like crazy today so i
hurried outside to pull the clothes off the line before they blew away...
the cutest little hummingbird
zipped right past me and hovered above a nearby bush.
how it could control its location
when the wind blew our back yard into a shambles
completely amazes me!
this hummingbird took my breath away
i'm thinking of you, dear readers, and hoping you get a breathless moment today


  1. those flowers are beautiful! and i LOVE baby hummingbirds, we saw one a few days ago.

    it's super windy and rainy here today too, so i'm planning on catching up on some snuggle time with my boys.

  2. Beautiful flowers!
    Kisses, sweetie and have a great day:)
    BTW: I am so happy you loved the apartment post!

  3. :) I love this moment. It's it amazing how smaller trees, birds, etc can dance in a heavy wind

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog! I just read through your blog and am so inspired by what you are doing for your mom. I'm sure your mom's wig will be a great inspiration and strength for her. Blessings and prayers of healing for her!

  5. I do not have to really know you to understand what you have done for your Mother. You look beautiful and so will she...I am tearful and smiling..I love that we have found each other. I am so Irish, love to tell my stories, life is filled with little treasures if we stop and think...You have many of them...thank you for sharing this one. Hugs, Mary

  6. Just stunning flowers...they made me smile!!! Hummingbirds are the best and I have a few here in our backyard!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my Blog!!! I am going to become a follower so we can share pieces of our lives with one another!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful day!!! :-)

  7. Its amazing how the littlest creatures of God can teach us so much. I just went through your blog - it is very inspiring, you are an amzing person. Though the detour in life, your life is currently on, will be filled with many unknown turns ahead- it will be your faith and strength that will help keep you moving forward - if even one inch at a time.
    Thank you for stopping by my Blog!I'm adding your blog to my inspiring blogs - so othesr may find you! And I will be following you as well - perhaps we can inspire each other through the strands of our lives.

  8. nice to meet you! i love your silver strands..and what you did..just watched the video..and was brought to tears! what a beautiful thing you've done for your own mother!

    i'm letting my hair grow in grey, gradually..rather than starting to colour it..and I love it! it's nice to see more of this too....

    i'm your newest follower!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  9. I am so glad you've led me over to your blog...what I know so far is completely inspiring. My own mother had cancer and many wigs, so I know a little bit about what a great gift you gave your mother.

  10. Thank you for sharing so much beauty and inspiration on your blog. I am so happy to have found this wonderful space. You've really made my heart soar and I cannot wait to stop by again. And what beautiful flowers :)

    best wishes!

  11. Gorgeous flowers! I'm always amazed by hummingbirds, so tiny and yet so powerful, love them!

  12. yout welcome mommy! LOVE YOU!

  13. Breathless moments...I live for these.