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Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 little blessings

the girls and i planted a grape vine a month or so ago ... it's VERY arid here, so we've been babying it along and today when i stepped out to check on the vine, look what i saw! yeah, the picture is blurry ... but LOOK! GRAPES!!! i don't know about you, but that seems so miraculous to me ... that dry ground produced juicy grapes!

then when i picked up bryan & sierra from school they were standing with a bunch of others near a tree. impatiently i tapped the horn. sierra came running and asked what i suggest they do with the itty-bitty bird that must have fallen out of the nearby tree. well ... it's obvious! bring it home and let's see if we can keep it alive and send it on its way. blessing #2.

and # 3 ranks right up there with the other 2 blessings ... in today's mail was a smart little package addressed to me. it had come all the way from the uk - inside was a the sweetest note and this super-cute scarf. sarah, you're a doll. especially to take the the time out of your amazing travels to think of me.

today is all about blessings.
what blessings came your way?


  1. Oh gosh I would say my blessing today was to find your inspiring blog! Thank you!


  2. Omg, that baby bird is so cute! Just found your blog. So wonderful what you did for your Mom! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. Hooray for grapes throughout the summers!

  4. Well of course my Birthday was another year I have been blessed with and of course a wonderful family and tons of wonderful friends!!!

    Love the scarf and those grapes look I want to try to plant some!!!

    I hope the little bird makes it!!!

    Have a great day sweet friend!!!

  5. Thank you for the sweet thoughts about my husband's childhood dog. That was very sweet. Your blog is very inspiring!

  6. I just love your blog. I'm so happy to have found it. What an inspiration!

    As always, as it has been for the past almost 10 months, my biggest blessing is my wonderful baby girl, Bella.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Amazing day you had! What a fun mom to let the kids try to nurse the bird to life... and also what a great lesson about life and death!

    Fantastic scarf, I don't think there is anything better in the world than getting a package in the mail just because someone thought of you!

    And I love that you are finding a miracle in the grapes... I don't know if you're a Christian or not... so if you're not, I'm sorry I don't mean to sound preachy, but one of my favorite theological writings ever talks about how we are always looking to God to produce miracles in our lives like Christ did when he turned the water into wine at the wedding in Cana, but we forget that God works that miracle every day when the rain falls on the dry earth and the grape vines grow and produce... it just reminds me to be thankful for this wonderful world that surrounds us... again if you're not a Christian I didn't mean to offend, but I thought I would share in case you are and it might touch your heart like it does mine :)

    Have a great day! And thanks for your sweet comments! It's so rare to hear encouraging words that I'm just soaking up all the nice things you have to say about me...

  8. What a cute little bird! I hope you enjoy caring for it, and hopefully the little munchkin will grow bigger and stronger and be able to fly on her own soon.
    My blessing this week was my dad's business trip to Boston, from which he played hooky for a few hours to come visit me. It was so nice to have a little lunch with him and get to be together even for a short time. My parents are in Michigan so I cherish every little bit of time we get to spend together. And of course it never feels like enough.

  9. that scarf is ADORABLE! my little blessing of the day... our tax return came in! hurray!

  10. Ohhh look at this little baby bird!
    So happy you had a wonderful day:)
    The new scarf looks cute on you:)
    Have a fun weekend my dear!

  11. You look beautiful with short hair:) Absolutely loving it! My blessings of the day.. Was able to read a conference talk, and didn't have to get up for school:)

  12. it looks fantastic on you! so glad it made it and brought a smile to your face :)

  13. What a neat post!

    My blessings today were seeing my best friend and laughing until we cried.

    Having Bob kiss me when he got home from work like it was the first time ever.

    Calling my sister in the hospital tonight and hearing her laugh again.