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Monday, April 26, 2010


I've got to admit it.
I'm scared.

scared that my husband won't look at me the same,
that my kids will be embarrassed of me when i pick them up from school,
that my head is actually shaped like an acorn...

But the peace that fills me when i think of the smile i'll see on my mom's face is sweeter than the pain.

My dear friends,
what do you do to distract your mind from worries and fears?


  1. Just think what you are thankful for...what are your goals and don’t worry about the rest! Your husband and children love you for the person you are inside....It will be fine :)
    I am following you now:)))
    Kisses and stay strong!

  2. I simply think about the good things and try not to worry about future stuff until it comes up. Live each day and don't worry about the next! :)