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Sunday, October 20, 2013


This was written by my "little brother", Michael. We're just 15-months apart in age and we literally grew up together. When we were teenagers, Michael was my very best friend. I love this guy. Just so you know who's writing, below is first, a picture of us as little kids (Michael's on the far right, I'm on the far left) and a picture of us now (we're standing in the middle).

Now, pull out a tissue and enjoy:


He watched with wonder, the kind only a child can have, as his ladybug crawled in and out of his fingers and over his hand. Suddenly, without warning - - - she was gone! He searched and searched, but his Ladybug was nowhere to be found. Then he remembered. His chubby little 3 year old legs took him over to his swing set. He knelt down beside it; folding his arms he rested them on a swing - and prayed. When he opened his eyes there she was, waiting to crawl back onto his hand.

He was a Freshman at college, a newly ordained Elder. A phone call came asking that he and his Home Teaching Companion administer to a young woman who was ill. They rushed to her Dorm, but then doubt and fear surfaced. He was shaking - could he do it? Then he remembered. He excused himself, went into another room and prayed, then returned and pronounced the Lord’s blessing upon her. He had found his Ladybug.

He was alone in the Hospital room with his Father. All of his family had been called to travel great distances to see their Dad one more time, as he was near death. He felt prompted to pronounce a blessing, promising his father full recovery - - - No. He shouldn’t take that upon himself, he must wait for a brother to arrive, and also ask his Mother who should seal the anointing. The next morning, as he and his brothers gave their father yet another blessing, he was able to pronounce the Lord’s promise upon their Father - - - full recovery. He had found his Ladybug.

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