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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Easterners get a bad rap

... so here's some well-deserved praise:

School traffic everywhere is a bit of an inconvenience. We're only in our 2nd week of school, here in Upstate New York ... just a few days of driving during school traffic for me so far. It could be absolutely frustrating, but so far, without fail, someone stops and let me in before I can barely blink an eye.

You don't see that everywhere. It's common courtesy, and it's abundant here. THANK YOU to the kind strangers in New York who get nothing in return, who think more of helping a stranger than of beating the clock.

Then there's the kind old gentleman at the post office the other day. If you're like me, when you know there's going to be a line, and someone else is walking at about your pace in the same direction, you pick up speed - trying to not seem obvious - to secure the closer place in line. Well, I pulled into the PO parking lot, got out of the car with a couple of small packages and saw an older gentleman approach the door just inches ahead of me. No, he didn't rush in. He opened the door and waited for me to enter before him.

This he did twice more as we approached the line. I told him to please step in front of me since he had actually arrived first, and this he did. Bit by bit the line dwindled. When it was his turn to go, he stepped back and with a flourish of his hand and a slight bow he motioned for me to go ahead of him. "Did you really think I'd go before you?!?", he asked with a twinkle. THANK YOU kind gentleman for the smile I carried with me all day.

And there are more experiences where these came from. In just a couple of months time I've come to love the strangers of New York. They're kind and generous and their accents crack me up. And while we're touting praises to New York, let me just mention that I LOVE the rain here! Except for that one time for about 25 seconds when I was driving and couldn't see anything.

It's refreshing and clean and it sounds pretty. But oops - after the last rainstorm I set my shoes out to dry .. they were just about dry last night.

Another week and I should be able to wear them again

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