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Saturday, September 21, 2013

car conversations

There is a lot I'm going to miss about our New York months. One of those is my time with 4-year-old Gage in our car, just the two of us.

Not quite a daily occurrence, but several times a week, Gage would climb into the back of the car, proudly strap himself into his car seat, and off we'd go to our apartment.

Our conversations would go something like this:
Gage: Grandma, how many chocolate balls can I have when I get to your house?
Me: 4 Sweetie.
Gage: Ok, but call me Super Gage today.
Me: Ok Super Gage. What do you want to do at my house?
Gage: I want to eat chocolate balls and draw super heroes and ... Grandma, why do super heroes save the world?
Me: Cuz they're good guys.
Gage: I'm a good guy too. I protect people.
Me: Is that why you're Super Gage today?
Gage: I'm Super Gage. I protect my sister, but I don't protect bad guys. But Grandma, Henderson is close so I can visit you whenever I want.
Me: Well, Super Gage, it's not as close as our apartment is so you can't come over every day, so let's facetime ok?
Gage: Ok. I will. But what if Daddy and Mommy are skyping you and I'm in bed? Then I won't be able to facetime you. I have to stay in bed at night and I can't get up to facetime. So I can't facetime you all the time. Sorry Grandma, but I can't.
Me: It's ok Gage. I mean, Super Gage. It's ok - we'll just facetime during the day and not at night ok?
Gage: Ok, but Heaven's really close.
Me: Yes it is. But I'm not going to Heaven - I'm just going to Henderson.
Gage: But when are you going to Heaven Grandma? Because that's closer than Henderson.
Me: Not sure Super Gage. But when I leave I'll miss you.
Gage: It's ok Grandma. You won't have to cry because I'll facetime you and if you cry I'll be sad.

It's never been quiet when Gage and I ride in the car. And I'm never quite sure the direction the conversation will go, but I'm pretty sure that super heroes will be part of every conversation.
I'll miss you Gage-Man.

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