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Sunday, August 18, 2013

I woke up grumpy so ...

I knew I needed to count my blessings.
You know how sometimes you carry over something during your sleep and you just wake up disgruntled? Well, that happened to me a couple of days ago. I frowned and grumped for a few minutes till I had a little talk with myself: "You know you're only grumpy because you're thinking about yourself and not about other people, right? And you know it's impossible to be grateful and grumpy at the same time. So get counting now - what are you thankful for?" And it was easy. I'm so blessed:

Who gets to send their husband off to work and watch him paddle away in a canoe? I do. We walk for about 2 minutes from our front door down to the river.

ok. let's skip the whole "there are people in this world who are starving" thing and the gratitude that I get to eat at all and jump right to the OH MY WORD is that homemade bread and freshly made peach jam you're eating?! Yup.

... and fresh peach pie that you accidentally dumped rather than sprinkled cinnamon on? yup.

The temps here in Upstate/Central New York have been fabulous. low 60s in the morning, up to 80-ish in the afternoon. So I love that I get to walk through the lush, green orchards and hills - shooing geese out of my way - enjoying the stroll ...

... picking blueberries,

.. raspberries ..

... cherries ...

... and peaches. (ok - I didn't actually pick the peaches .. I bought them at the Amish store)

and all the while enjoying the company of family:

... and then there are outings with my husband:

and with Azure:

and with the grandkids (missing the cuties in California!):

and living where it's cool enough in the mornings to go for a run

with beautiful scenery to help the time pass

I could keep going, and I did keep going as I was counting my blessings - but this is so long now that even I'm tired of looking at my pictures, so I'll close with just this. I am so blessed.

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  1. You are indeed blessed, and blessING to those who know you. Everyone gets grumpy sometimes. :) I loved your pictures and felt happy for you to have such wonderful experiences in New York, even though you are very missed in Henderson. Hope you feel great today and throughout the week, loving life while inspiring me to live mine to the fullest.

  2. oh yeah! life is good and blessings they are for sure! gorgeous! all of it... gorgeous!

    be well.