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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ummm ... not to brag or anything, but

I am a great pie maker!

Remember last week when I joined my girls and grandkids at the cherry orchard?

Well, we loved eating tons of fresh cherries. But after a few days of the washed cherries sitting in my fridge, and with an off-handed comment from Brookie about how delicious cherry pie sounds ... well ... Let me just say that I have a real talent! We're temporarily in New York, so I'm minus rolling pins, pie plates, etc ... but I'm learning lots of things:
1- Things are burdensome. Who needs a rolling pin when you have a glass?
2- Flaky pie crusts make the pie!
3- Real, made-from-scratch-and-from-orchard-picked-fruit pies are tangy, sweet, and so satisfying!

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  1. Do leave a slice of this delicious looking pie for me;-)

  2. Haha! I use my glasses all the time because I am too darn lazy to clean a rolling pin. It's just as good, I think!

  3. The pie was delicious! Looking forward to more soon!