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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

too early??? ... I think not!

So, I have some exciting news:
It's GIVEAWAYtime again!
I was going to wait and do this really, really fun giveaway in November ... just as the air gets cool (for those of us above the equator), the leaves fall and branches are bare (if you don't live in the desert where there aren't many indigineous trees) 
and you can't help but be excited about holidays.
But a few things happened:
1. Azure (age 15) consistently asks if we can please start decorating for Christmas
2. I had insomnia - waking up at 2:30 am the other night and finished reading the said {GIVEAWAY} (YAY FOR GIVEAWAYS!)
3. Miss Marva (in the book) actually decorates for Christmas in October ... so why shouldn't I?  And if I'm going to decorate, I might as well offer the giveaway now too!  
(you see, my thinking is very logical!)
Please don't judge me negatively. 
I know I have Christmas-itis.
I know I've passed it down to my kids.
Can't help it.
Don't want to help it.
(I'm sure I inherited it from my mother ... THANKS MOM!)
So, without further ado... Next week I'll draw one lucky winner of Jason Wright's new book:
The 13th Day of Christmas is a tender story of unlikely friends, 9-year-old Charlee and elderly Miss Marva.  Their minds and hearts connect, creating a bond that eventually draws Charlee's family closer to each other.  (This book brought lots of smiles, and enough tears that I had to get out of my sleepless spot in my bed to grab an entire box of kleenex.)
Anyway, as Christmas draws near, Charlee is treated to lots of little surprises culminating in the most precious gift nearly a year later on December 26th.  
Jason Wright is the author of several novels, my favorite being 
because it was actually life-changing for me and for my family.
Although not as life-changing as Christmas Jars, reading The 13th Day of Christmas has entertained and inspired me.
December 26th will never be the same.

Just leave a comment below to be entered.
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That's it ... I'm excited to have you read this.
And remember:


  1. I love Christmas! I might start decorating now ;)

  2. So you need more Santas and I know just where you can get them! Lol! I would be delighted to have my name added to this giveaway. I must say though, I really need to have you do Autumn with me Denalee, I might make a believer out of you...wink, wink. I have to have my Autumn, right up to the day after Thanksgiving, then I pour on the Christmas. Without Christmas lovers like you though, I would be out of business fast. :-) Thanks for the chance to try to win this book!

  3. Listening to Christmas music right now as I rock my baby to sleep. I too have the fever. :) Best time of year!

  4. Looks like I'll begin decorating for Christmas down in TX in October, then come home to CO to decorate my own house in November!

  5. sounds totally wonderful. what a great book to read with Isaiah. I think I need a "pick me up" after the September I've had so I'd love the chance to win.

  6. omgoodness denalee! it's sooooooooooooo good to see you. you are in my prayer list so i do say your name at least weekly. how r u? i love your fashion post below. you look absolutely gorgeous! i am soooooooo glad you stopped by.

    big, big hugs :)

  7. Oh dear! I LOVE Jason Wright! His books always make me cry with happiness :)

  8. Hello ol' friend and thank you so much for stopping by if only to let me know about this wonderful give-away you're doing, but first of all... EXCUSE ME... TOO EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS... DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING TOO???????????? HELLOOOOOOOOOOO????? XMASDOLLY TO SILVER STRANDS THAT SHINE LIKE A NEW LAYER OF SNOW GLISTENING IN THE MORNING WINTER SUN... Oh brother, talk about corn-eeeeeeee!!!! hahaha GOTCHA!!! Yes, love Jason Wright... wait who's he? I'm not an avid reader, but if the book is about Christmas COUNT ME IN! TANKS HUN!!!!

  9. I shared on Facebook

  10. How thoughtful! Christmas is here. Greetings.

  11. I tweeted your give-away

  12. hi hi I tweeted again wanna see?

  13. I emailed my friend Cheryl at CMASH LOVES TO READ.

  14. I also emailed my friend Kayla at Eclectic

  15. How cool. It's never too early for Christmas books OR Christmas movies! xo

  16. I tweeted this give-away!

  17. sounds like a great book!! thanks for the give away!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  18. Here I am again. I tweeted again. Oh, and not to worry we've started our Fall Cleaning (we don't do Spring). We clean for Christmas hehehe. Are carpets and windows are clean and immaculate, and I started putting away pics & nic nacs so the house doesn't look cluttered because of all the decorations. My Halloween is up right now, but it's only a 1/10th what I put up for Christmas I CAN'T WAIT! hehehehe It's you & me. Maybe we were Santa's helpers in a past life!

  19. Guess who's back! LOL I told another friend, and her name is Dollycas (Lori Caswell), she's my bud and loves to read. So when are you picking the winner????

  20. Are you still decorating for Christmas???? KNOCK KNOCK ANYBODY HOME???? Tomorrow will be the end of the week that you said next week you'd pick a winner or is it next week??? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SO CONFUSED! ~snicker-snicker~

  21. Love his books! We decorate the day after Thanksgiving!

  22. I'm getting the itch for Christmas myself, but not so sure if I'll be able do much decorating this year! We are moving right before the holidays. I may only be able to get my tree up and I'm not liking the thought of my house not full of decorations for Christmas! This Christmas will definitely come with some stress. I have to admit that I've been listening to Christmas music in the mornings. I just can't help it, it puts me in a good mood. I'm a child at heart and always will be. If I could start decorating at the first of Nov. I sure would! You have fun and enjoy decorating your home for Christmas!

  23. Thank you so much. I can't wait to start reading it, and we're still doing our Christmas cleaning when my vacuum cleaner broke down, but the parts came today so hubby cleaned the furniture today. WOO HOO! I'm polishing all the furniture in the house with liquid gold tomorrow. We already did the glass/mirrors in the house & hubby did windows last week. We're nearing the end, which is washing & waxing the woodwork & then the floors. I'm still slowly but surely washing my nacnaks and packing them away to bring out the Christmas ones. I cleaned my cups already they're hanging. heehheehe Am I a Christmas pusher???? Did you read the book? Was it good? It'll be like opening a Christmas present. hehehee Thanks again. God bless have a great Sunday!