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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Howdy-Hey Bloggers! It's been so long ... my life has been absolutely crazy. Good crazy, and crazy crazy. Many of you know what I mean. So some personal thoughts:
* life is about conquering trials and conquering ourselves (thought courtesy of Heber Kapp)
* we are meant to be happy and find joy in life
* peace and joy can exist at the same time as trials

So, since I last posted, my girls and I spent an evening creating inspiration boards. It was FUN! Since taking the picture above I've added a few things to my board. My husband hung the board in the kitchen (yes ... you guessed right - that's where I spend most of my time!) and I see it often. Every day, several times a day, I'm reminded of my dreams and my ambitions. Every day I am inspired by it.

What keeps you inspired?

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  1. Love you "inspiration board". Makes you think about those things that DO inspire you and you can look at it every day.
    Right now...I AM NOT SURE, what inspires me.

  2. Great to see you in BlogLand my friend!!! Yes, it's amazing the power of the Inspiration Board ... I did one earlier in the year and it keeps me true to the path I hope to travel down. xo HHL

  3. Great idea! I've been busy with some "good crazy" too. Glad to hear things are going well.

  4. Love it!

    To answer: nature, other bloggers, magazines, prayer time!