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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blog, Sweet Blog

Hey friends! I'm glad to be back. Summer travel has kept me away from blogland. It'll still be hit & miss, with a bit more travel on the horizon. But I just wanted to say hi with this sweet post.

I've been such a good, nutritious eater ... and tonight I really, really, REALLY wanted some dessert. All we have in the junk-food-category are marshmallows (thanks for cleaning out your pantry and loading mine, Brookie!).

So, yum. Need I say more?

I'd love to read some "I need a sweet" suggestions from you - what do you grab to satisfy your sweet tooth?

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  1. You're so gorgeous, even pigging out on roasted marshmallows!

    Missed you! mwah Welcome back... for awhile anyway!

  2. glad you are back here!

    Sometimes you just need a comfort food. It's like a friend's embrace! For me it is a fruit pie or ice cream.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. It's 9 am and I want to go roast marshmallows now lol. xo

  4. chocolate. any kind. but, i'll grab whatever is available.

    i used to roast marshmallows just that way. lol - so much easier than a camp fire!

    have a great weekend.

  5. pretzels and nutella or frozen homemade choc chip cookies. those are my downfall everytime ha ha

  6. (Un)fortunately we bought a case of Chocolate covered cinnamon bears while passing through Salt Lake City (At Sweets Candy Company) so I have been eating one or two of them a few times a day. What I need to do is place just so many on a saucer and not eat any more than that in a given day! Think I have that much fortitude?